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Tumbet Mallorquín

Tumbet Mallorquín


  • Easy
  • 50 minutes
  • For 2 persons
  • 2.5 € / person
  • 270kcal per 100g.

How to make Mallorcan tumbet . I have just finished watching the Ratatouille movie and I have found a recipe very similar to the one made in the movie, but a little more ours: Mallorcan Tumbet .

This dish is an adaptation of Ratatouille of French origin. The Mallorcan tumbet is a dish that can be eaten alone, although it is normally used to accompany some fish or meat.

Like many other gastronomic traditions, the origin of this recipe is due to the need to dispose of the surplus of the seasonal vegetables that compose it, as well as the ratatouille .

The ketchup  I recommend it home, the taste of the dish substantially improves. Dare to prepare it at home, the taste that homemade tomato gives you, has nothing to do with what you buy prepared.

I already had tomato prepared from other recipes, but if you don’t have it, just grate some tomatoes (1 kilo), put a little salt, sugar and half an onion and let it prepare while you fry the rest of the ingredients. Then you crush the tomato and the onion and you already have a spectacular sauce.

And for those of you with children, I recommend that you watch the movie and then propose to cook this dish together. It can be a very fun way to teach them how to eat vegetables using the Ratatouille recipe. Today we cook from cinema!

Preparation of the Mallorcan tumbet

  1. In a large frying pan, heat a very generous stream of oil, enough to cover the frying we are going to do.
  2. Peel the garlic and the potatoes. Cut the potatoes into slices, not too thick, and add them, along with the garlic (whole), to the pan.
  3. Let the potato brown and when it is done, remove it from the pan and reserve it, draining the oil with kitchen paper. We remove the garlic and reserve it together with the potatoes.
  4. In an oven or clay dish, spread a thin layer of homemade fried tomato. Next we arrange the potatoes on the tomato. We add a little of salt.
  5. We wash and cut the zucchini into slices and put it in the same pan in which we have cooked the potatoes and garlic. When they are golden, remove them from the pan, let the oil drain with kitchen paper and arrange them on the potatoes.
  6. We wash and cut the red pepper, green pepper and onion into strips, poach it in the pan. When it is poached, we take it out and let it drain on kitchen paper.

Frying and final assembly of the tumbet. Presentation

  1. We wash and cut the eggplants into slices. We salt and flour them and fry them in the same pan that we used for the potatoes and the zucchini. When they are golden brown, we take them out and arrange them on the zucchini or mixed with each other.
  2. We put the peppers and the onion on the eggplant and on these, another layer of eggplants. We put the garlic that we had reserved on the eggplants.
  3. We heat the oven in gratin mode and put it in for 5 minutes. We take it out and remove the garlic. We plated it with a bit of homemade fried tomato on top.

A recipe that will take you on vacation. I would say that the best way to take home all the flavor of the Balearic Islands and to be able to repeat when and how much we want.

You can see all the pictures of this recipe tumbet mallorquí n  in step by step in the next album.

Tips for a fluffy tumbet

  • Although in the original recipe they do not use zucchini, the truth is that after watching the movie, I feel like adding this ingredient. In the same way we will give you an oven blow to finish the recipe.
  • The tumbet is usually garnished for almost everything, from meat, eggs or fish. The most traditional way is to arrange the layers of ingredients in a clay pot or similar.
  • I love it cold as the ratatouille, but of course it can go both cold and hot.
  • I recommend you prepare a large amount, it is like the ratatouille, you can do many things with it. From a base for some lentils or chickpeas, as a sauce. To accompany with a potato omelette or even mix with it, vegetable omelette. I assure you that you will give him exit and you will eat rich and healthy.

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