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How to make homemade angel hair

How to make homemade angel hair

people icon For 6 euro icon € 0.68 /pers. calories icon 235 kcal/100g


  • 1 citron pumpkin between 2 and 3 kg
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 500g sugar

The sweets are truly wonderful . No one can resist a delicious dessert, a sweet snack or a craving at any time. Also with sweets we have so much variety that there is always something that suits us. Maybe it’s a delicious chocolate mousse that drives us crazy, or maybe it’s the irresistible homemade waffles that give us life at a Sunday breakfast.

All this without forgetting the classics that everyone likes, such as the Oreo and double chocolate cake , the delicious chocolate truffles or the classic strawberry and pastry cream cake . Sweets are usually filled with many things. Chocolate, pastry cream , truffle and cream among others.

Today we are going with one of those fillings that is perfect for any sweet, angel hair . Making angel hair at home is quite simple, but it is a slow process . The good thing is that it stands the test of time very well , so we can do a lot once a year and use it whenever we want.

If you are lovers of this sweet, don’t hesitate and get to work with angel hair . Although it is a slow process, the result is worth it because of how good it is both in sweets and as an accompaniment to savory dishes such as hamburgers, toast with fresh cheese or in empanadas. It will surely surprise you.

Preparation of angel hair

  1. First we take a large pot, fill it halfway with water and bring it to a boil. We cut the pumpkin into four parts and, when the water starts to boil, we add the pieces. We let the pumpkin cook for 30 or 40 minutes over medium heat until we see that it is soft. We can know this if we take some tweezers and try to bend the shell. If it gives way, it means it is ready, if not, it still has a little left.
  2. After the cooking time has passed, drain the pumpkin and let it cool to remove the seeds. When we have the seeds out, we separate the pulp from the shell with the help of a soup spoon.
  3. We weigh the pulp, put it in a bowl and add half its weight in sugar. If we have 1 kg of pumpkin, we add 500 g of sugar.
  4. We grate the peel of half a lemon and put it in a pot along with the pulp and sugar. We also add the juice of that half lemon, being careful not to let any seeds fall out.
  5. We cook everything over very low heat for an hour, stirring from time to time so that it does not burn or stick. The angel hair will be ready when it has that dark, caramelized color that it always has, as well as the strands that we usually see. Ready to serve.

Tips for perfect angel hair

  • We can preserve it in jars by making preserves or waiting for it to cool and freezing it . This way it will last up to a year in perfect condition.
  • The cooking time of the pumpkin can vary depending on whether it is hard or already ripe, being more or less time respectively.
  • We can flavor the angel hair with orange zest, vanilla essence or cinnamon, whatever we like the most.

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