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Spinach salad with cottage cheese and fruit

Spinach salad with cottage cheese and fruit


  • Easy
  • 10 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.2 € / person

Today I present you a delicious combination of spinach with fruit and a smooth strawberry and honey vinaigrette . This is the salad that combines the flavors of spinach, the sweetness of honey, the acidic flavor of strawberries and orange in a masterful way. It is a recipe full of vitamin C and super healthy, appropriate for these hot days and that mixes exquisite flavors, both strawberries and some other fruit that you like: mango, apple, pear or peach pieces. Spinach salad is your preferred alternative to traditional lettuce. I can only leave you with this salad and enjoy it.

Salad preparation

  1. We wash, peel and cut the fruit into small pieces (we reserve an uncut strawberry)
  2. We crumble the cottage cheese.
  3. We put on a large flat plate a bed of fresh cut spinach.
  4. We add the fruits one by one, distributing the colors.
  5. We add the cottage cheese
  6. In a bowl we mix the jam, the cane honey, the vinegar and the oil very well and we toss it with the spoon well distributed throughout the salad.
  7. We finish decorating with golden flax seeds to taste.

Here you have a surprising and delicious salad. I hope you enjoy it.

Recommendation:  Cottage cheese from the El Pastor del Valle cheese factory. Since I tried it at the beginning of May when we went to visit his cheese shop with the gastronauts, I was in love with him. It is a goat cheese that they make daily (in fact, it must be ordered the day before) and it has an unmatched freshness.

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