Style at your table. Ideas and recipes

More than a recipe book, it is also a tour of the kitchens of the masters who have changed the kitchen, a shopping guide for the most exclusive stores and warehouses in the world and, above all, a compendium of good culinary taste, both In the details reserved for very special evenings such as when clarifying general concepts of order, use of cutlery and presentations that can help in family lunches and Christmas dinners.

The book that I present below stands out for some very well-cared photos, from a photographic studio, and I assure you, you will want to try to emulate some of them in your homes. For example on that Christmas day where you have the whole family at home and you want no detail to be missing.

The food should not only be delicious, the presentations of your dishes and the table will be just as important. Ideas available to everyone thanks to the examples and instructions that you will find in his book. A book for gourmets, yes, and also for those who simply seek to try different experiences on their dishes.

Bea has chosen a selection of affordable recipes to prepare at home. Start at cocktails with a dish like foie micuit with caramel and salt, monkfish croquettes, salty cocktail bars, salmon cubes with silver flakes, duck confit croquettes, pesto croquettes, fake curd of fresh asparagus, strudel of apple and cheese foie gras or some Iberian ham cones.

In the starters he teaches us how to cook very original recipes, among others, some vegetables sautéed with tangerine and sesame, hake and salmon custard, melon and cinnamon soup, orange duck salad, garlic and basil prawn pizza or a cream of asparagus with nutmeg

Already in the main dishes, the lamb shama with Haselback potatoes, a veal stuffed with bonito and anchovy, an incredible pork sirloin stuffed with pineapple and La Peral cheese, verdinas with shrimp and clams, a classic three cheese lasagna, how to prepare a quiche with parmesan and bacon, a fish recipe such as bonito a la llanisca or a rooster with citrus and pistachio. You won’t run out of ideas for the main course.

Of course there is room for desserts, again different and surprising. Cheese and pomegranate tart, the Little Prince cookies, a delicious chocolate mousse with meringues, a classic Irish apple cake, a delicious butter and anise bundt cake, a traditional sweet almond soup, the magnolia tart, the famous rice pudding de Adela, some fir cookies, the essential petit fours of any self-respecting table, some vanilla and violet macaroons, some simple sheets of chocolate with toasted sesame …

Elena Arzak qualifies in the prologue that opens it as ” different”. “A complete book , ” he adds, ” which goes beyond the formulation of a recipe and its elaboration. It offers a tour that includes the entire process prior to a lunch or dinner, including trends in gastronomy. Ideas to present, create an environment, personalize, build experiences ”.

Bea offers you original and outgoing recipes, perfect for your guests to want to return to your home over and over again … be careful with this topic. You will find many ideas and tricks so that in an easy, simple and economic way, your table and your dishes have that personal touch that will make them unique.

This book also tries to collect current trends in gastronomy, table decoration, shopping guide, a special section on oil, chocolate and cheese, and to finish 40 recipes with 40 stories that introduce them.

An exciting tour of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris, London and New York, with the best addresses for your gastronomic purchases, the most succulent pastry shops in Spain and the best ideas from the hands of a true expert. What are you waiting to discover everything?

To be gourmet. Style at your table: ideas and recipes

  • Author: Beatriz Rodríguez Vallina – Prologue: Elena Arzak.
  • Softcover: 256 pages. Softcover binding.
  • Publisher: Ediciones Nobel SA; Edition: 1 (August 25, 2015) – Collection: Kitchen
  • Price € 20.90
  • Language: Spanish – ISBN-10: 8484597229 / ISBN-13: 978-8484597223

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