The appliances that will make your life easier

From the oven to the microwave to the electric masher and arriving to the slow cooker or the famous kitchen robots, dear friends, appliances are essential in our culinary life.

There are those who help you snack or heat, those who boil the rice in a pispa and there are even those who scrub!

After using them they do not give any can and inhabit our kitchens stealthily helping us and streamlining our day to day.

What would we do without them? There are no human pinches as efficient and willing to collaborate with us daily , so today, very proud of these essential elements residents of our houses, I am going to tell you about them, so that you can treat and value as they deserve.

Freeze and freeze

In addition to a vital element that goes hand in hand with the fridge, the freezer can provide us with many utilities that go beyond the mere preservation of tuppers .

On the blog you can find what ingredients can or cannot be frozen . One of the most visited post. But freezing also helps us cook or avoid the famous anisakis .

For example, if you want to make a steak-tartar you can put the meat in the freezer for twenty minutes. The firmness that the meat will obtain will allow you to cut it more easily.

Ice buckets, on the other hand, have life beyond creating ice . Yes, as I tell you. You can fill it with gazpacho , tomato sauces, or even yogurt.

The microwave, your great ally

Inhabitant of your house and a large number of company kitchens, it is where you heat your carefully prepared lunch box the night before. When using this device we make the mistake of placing the plate or tupper in the center of the glass plate.

If you do this you will have verified that, most of the time, the container gets very hot but the inside is cold . For this reason, always place the lunch box close to the edges so that the heat is evenly distributed.

If you are going to use the mike to avoid taking something at the freezing temperature of the fridge, you can place the ingredient in the center of the plate for twenty seconds to obtain its room temperature.

You can do it with fruit and even with vegetables . For example, in the case of onion, if you cut it well minced and put it in the microwave for 4 or 5 minutes it will be perfect to add to any recipe.

When it’s time to clean up after several uses or an accidental explosion… you can squeeze a lemon in half in a glass of water and heat it in the microwave for 5 minutes . Take it out carefully and when it cools down a little you will only have to pass a cloth and voila!

Dare to take advantage of your microwave and use it for more than just tuning , come on. Put on your batteries and jump with a turbot or some very simple potatoes .

Baked everything tastes sooo good

If we rely on the use of food, we also take advantage of the residual heat given off by the oven . When you have been using the oven at a high temperature (200º C for example) when you finish the recipe, you turn off but your oven is still hot. You can take advantage of that heat to confit some vegetables and add it to your plate.

Did you know that if you put a glass of water in the oven you will generate steam? This way you will prevent your dishes from drying out.

To defrost you can use both the microwave, if you have this program, and the oven.

You already know that the ideal is for food to thaw at room temperature, but for some trouble place your food on the tray at a medium height and set the oven to 40 degrees . In this way it will neither cook nor cook and will favor the defrosting process.

If you are a lover of textures you need a kitchen robot

From custards to vegetable puree, you brandadas cod, pates , purees mmmm it makes my mouth water.

The perfect textures are very difficult to get (although not impossible) so for this, this complete machine will be of great help to you.

If you use your food processor at 80ºC and at low speed, you will get just what you are looking for, avoiding the laborious task that rods and bain-marie give.

Thermomix is ​​designed to make your life in the kitchen very easy and to shorten the time you use. So don’t cut yourself, make your vegetable puree, and grill your meat and fish on the bottom par tray.

For recipes that require flours or powdered sugar, to give you an example of powdered ingredients, put a piece of paper between the container and the lid to prevent the powder from escaping and staining everything.

Beat it up and move it

When you want to crush high at its maximum exponent, use a glass jar of those of a lifetime with the same measure as the ring of your mixer, since being smaller than conventional glasses the crushing process is much better.

The dishwasher not only washes, no

You have come up and you want to make eggs at low temperature , well, I tell you: put the eggs you want (I do not recommend more than two or three) in a hermetically sealed container of water and perfectly, place it on top of the dishwasher and put it in the normal way.

You don’t need to spend water unnecessarily just for this technique, use it with your dishes and other utensils inside ready to be washed. With the heat given off by the dishwasher the eggs will be PERFECT.

As you can see, except for a defibrillator, everything is worth everything in the kitchen . Optimize these daily companions as much as possible and treat them with affection so that they last for many years.

Slow cooking pot

A crock pot or slow cooker is an electric casserole that cooks slowly, for many hours and at very low cost in a home kitchen.

You can know a little more about this appliance on Marta Miranda’s blog. It even has a section to find out what a crock pot is or the hundreds of recipes that it recommends and that always work the first time.

The recipes for cooking in crock pot and other slow cookers that I am in love with can be found in Crockpotting from my friend Marta.

Delicious dishes and stews cooked in slow cooker. A way to take advantage of your slow cooker and stand out in the kitchen.

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