Fresh pasta in authentic Italian style

One of my pending subjects in the kitchen is fresh pasta, I have already attended several courses and I have even prepared some noodles at home, but I think that with this book I am going to improve myself. From the hand of Margherita and Valeria, the Simili sisters and their book ” Fresh pasta in the authentic Italian style ” come to us with the most traditional techniques and recipes for fresh handmade pasta, with flour and eggs, using the traditional Bologna rolling pin Or, if you prefer something simpler, with the pasta maker. A book that is as good for those who are coming to fresh pasta for the first time as for experienced chefs.

We will be able to prepare popular Italian recipes such as lasagna, cannelloni, tortelli, tortellini, noodles, ravioli, cappelli … a whole world of possibilities at our fingertips. This Spanish version, faithful to the original, will help us make pasta without fear that it will look bad, not at the level of an expert Italian cook but almost.

Simili Sisters Margherita and Valeria Simili, twin bakers, are universally known as Simili Sisters (Sorelle Simili in Italian). For 15 years they have represented an extraordinary editorial success story in Italy with more than 70,000 copies of their works sold. They have made his words, firm yet sweet, clear and inspiring for many kitchens. They manage to create cookbooks, not very common, that with each recipe make you want to go to the kitchen and start cooking. Thanks to the exceptional cooking school that they directed for many years in Bologna (the gastronomic capital of Italy) to their books, to their continuous appearances on Italian television programs and, of course, to their sympathy, they have become a mandatory reference for those that approach the homemade production of fresh pasta, bread and Italian sweets.

I will keep all these recipes that I will try to make for the blog, “Italia in vein”: Vegetable cannelloni, green lasagna bolognese, mushroom lasagna, Easter green lasagna, spring lasagna, nest of noodles, tortelloni from Bologna , boletus rainbow triangles, tuna cappelli, eggplant triangles, romagna diamonds, parsley striche! i, bolognese noodles, spinach pesto, bolognese sauce, puff pastry …

Pasta Fresca – authentic Italian style Fresh Pasta Cookbook

  • Authors: Margherita Simili (Author), Valeria Simili (Author), Anna Mayer (Contributor), Lorenzo Mariani (Translator)
  • Number of pages: 216 – Hardcover binding.
  • Price € 17.10
  • ISBN: 978-8494193422
  • Edition: Spanish – (Books with Miga) Hardcover – May 20, 2015.


Content: Flour and kneading, how to roll out the dough, how to cut the pasta, how to cook it, the formats, baked pasta, stuffed pasta, cold pasta, broths and sauces.

I leave you with an excerpt from the text of Anna Mayer’s prologue so that you can definitely buy it:

Fresh pasta has a halo of magic and mystery, including epic tales of heroic grandmothers who rose at dawn to knead, stretch and fold hundreds of tortellini; Perfect and impossible to replicate familiar episodes of tagliatelle and rollers to spread the pasta that pass from generation to generation perfectly calibrated.

In the late 1990s, I heard about the Sorelle Simili for the first time: some friends from Bologna had signed up for one of their famous
fresh pasta courses and kept praising the wonders of these two sisters and their technical expertise. I tried, without success, to extract tricks and advice from them, but that had to be seen in person, they said. I don’t know if they really believed it or if it was to get more benefit, in the form of prestige, from the course they had paid, but they didn’t tell me anything else. Of course, it was clear that the pilgrimage to the Simili sisters’ school was the answer that would complete a childhood without grandmothers who made pasta.

I started making pasta at home, just following the recommendations of the Simili sisters in this book, which I bought years ago in the Italian version. This Spanish version, faithful to the original, is sure to help many to start making pasta. The firm and at
the same time sweet words of Margherita and Valeria Simili are clear and inspiring: it is one of those not very common cookbooks that makes you want to go to the kitchen with each recipe and start cooking . ”

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