Lose weight after Christmas

If all our concern was about Christmas dinner , it would surely fade away as soon as we finished the digestion.

But we are not talking about just a meal in which we exceed the limits. What really worries us is the sum of times that we get out of our eating routine and fall into a spiral of excess.

Parties, celebrations, toasts here and there, business lunches, the reunion with friends after a year without seeing them, farewells and, yes, also Christmas and New Year’s dinners and lunches.

But January 8 arrives quickly and there is no need to despair. You are part of the vast majority of humans who let themselves be carried away by the festivities and overflows.

And just as you are not gaining weight for a very large meal, you are not going to lose weight by not eating dinner tonight .

How many times have you done restrictive diets (those prescribed by the doctor or nutritionist do not count)? How many times have you abandoned those diets ? What’s more, it is possible that even the word “diet” makes you a little disgusted, just thinking about it.

And we associate that word by not eating what we like and the rebound effect. Thus, there is no one who is excited about losing weight.

If you do a 15-day detox diet-type shock treatment, the safest thing is that on the 16th you will gain weight again, as well as while the food restriction lasts, your spirits, your desire and your energy are on the ground.

So how to lose weight after Christmas?

In the same way that you lose weight during the year: changing from eating a lot to eating better.

Because there is no automatic “undo” like on the computer. It is time to take charge and choose what we eat and how. So that each bite plays in your favor.

Use logic

There is something in the eating lifestyle that has brought you to how you feel today. And since we are seeing what it is like to eat better, we tell you what that means:

  • As a general rule, the closer to the plant, the better. For meats, the closer to the animal, the better. In other words, the more real the food, the better. That’s the main. Basically, stay away from the ultra-processed ones.
  • The refined flours are not on your side either. The closer to the whole grain, the better.
  • Avoid the consumption of sugar in all its forms: added sugars, sucrose, dextrose, fructose syrup, etc.
  • Check that the products are made with extra virgin olive oil and not with vegetable or refined oils.
  • Avoid nitrate-containing ones.
  • Read the labels, if the main product is not what you are buying, be suspicious. If the label shows you that it has more than 5 ingredients, it may be ultra-processed.
  • Breakfast cereals. Read the label. Does it contain palm fat? How much sugar do you have? Does it have more than 5 ingredients?
  • Cheese? As long as it is milk and rennet, perfect.
  • If you are going to buy processed ones, look for example:
    • frozen vegetables and meats, so they will serve you to quickly make different dishes.
    • The preserves are usually very good.
    • Always opt for fresh or frozen fish, but if you decide on a canned one, either natural or with olive oil.
  • Milk, yogurts, desserts. Be careful with the sugar. He even reads the labels on the vegetable milks.
  • Of course, get moving. It will make you feel better, it will help you look better and you will be healthier.

Life is so much easier when you understand what you are eating. The main thing is to be aware of the products we are consuming, to choose whether we really want to continue on that path.

With this in mind, let’s start with the action.

Where to start

Now, let’s distinguish what is eating and what is eating. While the first is to ingest products , the second is to nourish your body in a healthy way, providing everything you need to function properly.

Both satiate you, the difference is the impact they have on your health, your emotions and the way you look and feel.

It is time to see what you have at your fingertips

  • Go to your cupboard and see what foods you are saving. Are you sure that feeling full and heavy was only for Christmas meals? It is possible that this feeling, you have been feeling for a long time.
  • White bread, sugar, pastries, cereals, cookies, do you have any of this? Get rid of them and any remaining Christmas candy. That dumpster left in your office desk drawer, too.
  • They don’t help you in the least and if you have them, you eat them. But are they feeding your body, or are they just giving you the feeling of satiety?
  • Now check the fridge. Look for cold cuts, dairy, processed meats, sauces, sodas, and drinks. Use your logic based on the previous list and discard the products that will not help you meet your goal of eating better and losing weight.
  • You have pasta, flour, what else? If they don’t play you in favor to fulfill your purpose, away from home.

“In short, everything that does not feed you, out of your reach”

Our tips to lose those extra kilos

Let’s go step by step.

  1. Set yourself a goal . If you want to get somewhere, mark where you want to go. But i know
  2. Get rid of products that don’t help you , as we’ve seen before.
  3. Plan your menu so that losing weight does not negatively impact your energy or health. Losing weight is not starving. Make a menu or list of foods you can make during the week or what you would like to have in the fridge or at home. There is nothing more frustrating than opening it and wanting to see the answer to the “what as” If you plan it, you will not have anything
    1. It was everything that has added sugar, soft drinks, saturated fats, pastries, etc. When we say “everything”, it does not mean “a little” or “almost everything”. All is all. You have thousands of options to donate food or pass it on to someone who is not yet very aware of their diet.
    2. Alcohol doesn’t help you either. Always opt for water.
  4. Keep hydrated.
  5. What to do when you have cravings? Remember your goal and analyze if it is anxiety or hunger what you feel. If it’s been a long time since the last meal, it may be hungry. If not, it may be anxiety. Find a snack that works in your favor : Dairy, vegetables or meat. Fruits, nuts (that are not fried, caramelized, or anything like that. The closer to the plant, the better.) You can combine them with a yogurt. Whole wheat or rye or grain toast with homemade hummus will help you recharge your batteries. Eat when you are hungry, it is the signal that the body gives you to tell you that it needs fuel. Hunger is not anguish or nerves.
  6. Mu é vete . If you have not yet made the letter to the kings, you can ask them for a pulse With it you can count the steps and depending on the brand, it can also encourage you to move. Motivating yourself is the main thing. Walking … it is true that “nobody” time. Until it is done. Of course, doing more exercises eating badly will not get you anywhere. On the other hand, if you eat better and move, you enhance the positive results. Plan your routine with a real coach. Surely he can give you exercises that counteract your lack of time.
  7. Enjoy . Enjoy your new choices very much.

It is always a good idea to consult a nutritionist to do tests to find out if your body needs any particular food or if, on the contrary, there is one that you should moderate in your diet.

Remember, these tips are general. No one as an expert in each subject so that I can guide you in what you can do.

Don’t forget to rest

  • When we sleep, the body enters a state of rest, recovers and gathers strength for the next day.
  • When we rest well, the brain works better and even the mood changes you. In addition, it can affect your weight.

Inspiring you for the new menu

You are on a cooking blog! Here you have thousands of options for cooking . Remember that you also have the tupper cookbook. Or grandma’s recipes.

With these guidelines, will you lose weight suddenly?

  • As soon as you change your diet, you notice it. You will see it on the skin, in your mood and your energy. And then in your clothes. You will be more agile, lighter, you will avoid feeling bloated and you will avoid the desire to boycott your goals.
  • Of course, these are generic guidelines, nothing like going to a nutritionist to recommend a menu designed for your body . And to get moving, your best ally will be your personal trainer .
  • Both professionals can work together to enhance the good results of your new eating style.

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