Super soups for full meals

Lentils Cream If you are thinking that the cold appears in a few days and that it is time for warm soups, this is your book. You will not only be able to enjoy the soups that I present on the blog, such as Minestrone , onion soup or traditional garlic or Castilian soups , in this cookbook you will find soups for the whole year. Many of them I did not know, so I have a lot of work on the blog, soon you will be able to see a ribollita, a corn soup, a vegetarian bortsch, red lentil soup, a garbure, a mulligatawny, the classic harira or a delicious one Thai chicken soup. Ideas a goog to make your soups round, easy to prepare, natural, tasty and, above all, nutritious, do not hesitate to include them among your food options.

The soup is essential in our diet, it is strained in the recipes of a good part of the corners of the planet. We propose a world tour with the spoon and chopsticks as protagonists. The history of soups we have to link it to the shortages suffered by the peoples of the world, they awakened their culinary creativity, making the most of the food that
was at hand. There is no doubt that the need is the best adviser to man, and in the gastronomic world it was no exception, in whatever continent it is located, the history of the soup will shine for its flavor and energy.

Soups of the world You will find a special section for America, beans  as the basis of food for many peoples. In addition to associating with the taste of the Mexican, the people of the island of Cuba created the traditional bean soup with pork. This combination, ideal for subsisting in a tropical climate, was assimilated in a different way by Brazil, the country of zamba, where the national soup is feijoada.

Super Soups for Complete Meals is a simple cookbook, with 32 soups divided into 4 families, Vegetables, Cereals and Legumes, Meat and Exotic. A way to innovate in your kitchen and prepare a different recipe and surprise your family and friends. You will find some useful tips so that your soups are not boring, with all its essence (and forcefulness) of a good traditional soup plate. Variants of all the soups that you can find in all the countries of our beloved world … to savor and enjoy every day!

In Super Soups you will find a special section on how to treat the different ingredients, how to get it right with the point of salt and cooking, shaking tricks and side dishes of the soups. The photos are amazing, they illustrate the recipes with a coloring that helps you get into the kitchen and get down to the soup 🙂 The price of the book is very cheap, less than 10 euros, with which to complete a family of recipes sometimes neglected at home.

Super soups for full meals   minestrone soups

  • Authors: Anne-Catherine Bley | David Japy – Translator: Fabián Chueca Crespo
  • Number of pages: 72 pages – Illustrated book (Hardcover without s / cub. (Cardboard))
  • Price € 8.95
  • Publisher: Lunwerg (Sep 22, 2015)
  • ISBN: 8416177937 / 978-8416177936
  • Edition: Spanish – Gastronomy Collection

Where to buy the book?

You have it from the month of September in all your trusted bookstores. If you are outside of Spain you can also buy it online: Amazon,  El Corte Inglés, La Casa del Libro, Apunto, Fnac, …

Encourage you with the most versatile recipes of world cuisine. Cold, hot, cream-shaped, lighter, forceful vegetable soups, with pasta, legumes, meats, fish or seafood. Recover the tradition of a good soup with new touches to traditional dishes. The soup will please even Mafalda, I’ll leave it there!

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