Southern hake from Chile

The southern hake from Chile is a totally wild fish, which only comes into contact with humans at the time they are caught. A high quality product that has pleasantly surprised me with its high versatility, flavor and texture.

A fish that you can find in many of the fishmongers in Spain and that has nuances that I have loved … and more if the friend Carlos Pascal prepares it.

Last week I had the privilege of being able to visit the Kitchen Club again and see Carlos Pascal in action preparing this hake. As many of you will know Carlos is Chilean and his masterclass focused on Chilean cuisine with the base of this hake, quite unknown to me.

A natural fish since the water on the coasts of Chile is little polluted and the fishing technique is, as in Spain, the hook promoting regional fishing communities.

Chile has a privileged location in South America, a past full of history and gastronomic fusion. A rich culinary tradition that includes classics such as humitas, a wide variety of empanadas, seafood and the fresh fish from its beautiful coast, which I will talk about in detail today. I think I will salivate you, so you only need a good Chilean wine to accompany this post.

Chilean gastronomy

  • The first references of Chilean gastronomy are the rotten pot or the Creole stew, very similar to the Canarian stew . Although the ceviches , like the one that I present today is a guaranteed success.
  • To speak of Chile is to speak of its pine empanadas, beans with reins, its famous humitas, charquicán, stuffed potatoes , its delicious charcareno, cocadas , chupe, salsa pebre, Chilean casserole or pastel de corn…
  • In recent years, talking about Latin America in general is talking about gastronomic tourism. If for a long time the fusion cuisine of Mexico and Argentina were the main protagonists, now it is Peru who has known how to polish its raw materials to raise its cuisine to the first level.
  • Although Chile has a history to discover, a gastronomic culture that is waiting to be discovered. And where steps have been taken in that direction, such as the promotion of this hake, which I assure you is of high quality. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Presentation of the southern hake from Chile

Carlos seduced us with some recipes that I hope to prepare at home and that I will later publish on the blog, such as this hake ceviche .

We were fascinated with a grilled hake on cream of leeks with glazed carrots , a candied hake with seafood velouté and piquillo peppers , with this low-temperature hake with mashed peas and rica-rica , a delicious Roman hake with tartar sauce , brandade of hake with purple potato chips or this ceviche that I present today.

A series of really appetizing recipes that showed that any technique is valid for cooking this ingredient. Southern Hake Chile is very resistant when it comes to cooking, it does not melt, it reminds me even of the texture of the cod.

It would almost get to confuse it with the flakes of a good cod loin, with what is very attractive to the eye. Great nutritional value and low caloric intake that we already know from hake also stand out in this species.

I think we have all eaten hake at home, on the blog we love this fish and you can find a lot of recipes with it. It is one of the most popular fish in fishmongers, perfect for our kids to eat fish on their weekly menu.

I am sure that some of you already know it and it is present on your shopping list.

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