To bread loaf. Types of bread

Bread bread, but which one?

Breads and breadbaskets of the world, this entry is for you. Bread is one of the most basic foods we have (and the most irresistible) and they are part of our balanced diet, because despite what they count out there, bread in moderate doses does not make you fat.

Of course, they are carbohydrates, but our diet must contain them and it also contains fiber, phosphorous, vitamin B, magnesium and potassium , although no one talks about these other qualities.

Today I will tell you a little more about the different types of bread that you can currently find in your bakeries.

Wheat bread

The flour wheat is most often used. So far so good. In fact some breads that are not primarily wheat, also carry wheat flour.

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We can take it white or whole and what differentiates them as you can guess is its elaboration. In the latter, unrefined flour is used so that it has a greater nutritional value and is therefore richer in fiber.


There are many fans of this bread, but you either love it or you can’t stand it since its flavor is super characteristic.

It contains less gluten than other cereals and therefore has a more compact appearance. Its crumb is darker and has a bitter taste, as I was saying. Sold mixed with other flours to give more fluffiness.

As positive things in relation to other conventional bread, rye bread keeps in full conditions for longer, contains more fiber and is rich in magnesium.


It is the most digestible variety of wheat thanks to its low gluten content, like rye, so wheat intolerant people can consume bread and other spelled products without problem as long as it is not mixed with other cereals.

Furthermore, spelled helps reduce cholesterol and regulates metabolism.


This bread is 100% gluten free since the corn does not contain gluten . With its yellow color, corn bread is a real delicacy and it is also great for regulating high uric acid.

It is difficult to find without it being mixed with other types of flour, since normally in your supermarket you can find it mixed with wheat flour , which gives it more fluffiness as always.

In Galicia it is very common to find it and you can also eat empanadas made with corn as well .

In summary…

Who does not like bread? White , wholemeal, Cea, bolla, at breakfast, lunch or dinner, in a club sandwich at mid-morning … You can’t live without bread or water, but also the bread is delicious.

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