Kombucha, what is it and why is it “killing it”?

Kombucha, what is it and why is it “killing it”?

You will have heard of it or you will have seen it. Social networks are crowded with this infusion. Yes, kombucha is an infusion and its health benefits are apparently better than any other.

Known as elixir or energy of immortality . A drink that is in fashion. So we could not stop talking about it, and here is everything you need to know …

This drink has sat matcha and chai tea directly on the bench. Sayonara friends, make way for the drink of the present and the future.

But what is it?

Basically Kombucha is made from black or green tea and a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria is added, known as SCOBY or Kombucha mushroom (hence its peculiar name) which has a gelatinous texture that transforms the polyphenols in tea into compounds organic.

Its particularity is fermentation , since before taking it, you must leave it to ferment for 7 to fourteen days. Until then you will not be able to consume this acidic and exotic drink at the same time . If you add fruit in its fermentation process you will get Kombucha of different flavors. How about?

The Kombucha mushroom

The Kombucha fungus is made up of bacteria that inhabit the water. It may sound unpleasant but as you already know there are fungi with very powerful nutritional properties for the body.

Although it has reached our ears relatively recently , the Kombucha is more than 200 years old and in the Chinese dynasty it was considered the elixir of life . There is nothing.

What does it contribute to our life?

This drink with an apple cider-like flavor (in terms of its acidity) has become mainstream from one ear to the other, because the reality is that until now, as in other superfoods , there are no specific studies to show them . This does not take away its properties veracity, eye, but it is best to check it for yourself or for yourself.

Among its properties we can find:

  • Reduces blood pressure
  • It has antioxidant powers . Helps to detoxify the body thanks to its glucuronic acid.
  • Relieves arthritis and gout.
  • It balances the intestinal flora just like Kefir.
  • Minimize migraines and migraines.
  • It is good for hemorrhoids.
  • It also relieves bronchitis and asthma.
  • It helps in liver functions.
  • It contains vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, D, E, K and folic acid which is essential for our defenses.

Due to its fermentation, Kombucha has a minimum alcohol index . It is a 100% vegan drink, free of sugar, gluten and a fully probiotic food , so it can be a great alternative when going out for a drink.

We would be talking about another drink with a high level of probiotics , such as Kefir or yogurt .

Does this miracle drink have contraindications?

As it is a fermented and therefore acidic drink, it must be taken into account that if it exceeds a pH of 2.5, it could have intestinal contraindications . There is no limit when taking it but due to its characteristics and theine it is not recommended to take more than a liter a day (and that is enough).

Metabolizing it is not entirely easy. In pregnant or lactating people, with kidney or liver problems, its use is not recommended due to the aforementioned, its high doses of theine and its acidity.

Prepare it at home

Yes, you can prepare your own Kombucha at home , but if you do not have experience in handling zooglea (mushrooms) and you are not scrupulously clean or clean to the millimeter, I do not recommend it .

There is the industrial Kombucha that is marketed as a fermented drink and goes through various microbiological controls before its sale.

This does not guarantee that there will be no problems of bacterial poisoning, although it will not have the same amount of probiotics as if you make it by hand or take it somewhere where it is well prepared. Come on, everything can’t be done.

In summary … To consider

The Kombucha is not miraculous but it is worth trying , yes, be especially careful if you suffer from some of the diseases mentioned above or if the acid is simply not for you.

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