Seasonal food and recipes in September

The  seasonal foods  are healthier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly, but … what foods are in season in September?

In September we started to enjoy the first pomegranates and grapes, and although figs have been available for a long time, this is their sweetest moment.

Do not forget that you can buy some fresh quinces to make a delicious quince jelly that will cheer you up with the snacks of the coming autumn.

Pumpkins return to vegetables and vegetables, with which we can make delicious creams  and risottos , and it is also a good time to recover spinach, leeks and cabbage on our menus.

Regarding seafood, be sure to buy the golden one at your fish shop. It is a very cheap fish and can be prepared in many ways.

You can also enjoy some delicious clams before their prices start to rise when Christmas approaches.

And if your budget is very tight remember that you can always use sardines (and if it is not tight too, because the truth is that they are very good).

Recipes with seasonal ingredients in September

Click on the ingredient that interests you to see all the recipes you can cook:

  • Fruits: pomegranate, grapes, quince, banana, fig, avocado, melon, apple ,  pear and peach
  • Vegetables: spinach , leeks, cucumber, turnip, cabbage , lettuce , pumpkin , carrot and padrón peppers
  • Fish: swordfish, conger eel, clams , tuna, bream ,  scorpionfish , sardine ,  cuttlefish , crab and dogfish

In Rechupete Recipes we have made this downloadable for this month. This way you will know at a glance which fruits, vegetables and fish are in season during the month of September .

Download it, share it or print it, you can put it in your fridge, take it to the purchase or use it so that the little ones of the house learn about seasonal food.

Download Seasonal Food and Recipes in September

Free downloadable

You can easily share the free downloadable tummy with friends and family via email. You can also print them and keep them in a folder so they are always at hand in the kitchen, or put them in your fridge At Rechupete Recipes we like to make your life easier!

Tip: If you keep the printed sheets in laminated sleeves you will keep them safe from food stains and they will last you many years.

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