Muffins or Muffins Are they the same?

And you, are you more of muffin or cupcakes?

If we had to find the “ 7 differences ” between muffins and muffins, we would probably have a few left over.

The ingredients of the dough, the origins, the mold or the size are some of the characteristics that make them different from each other although sometimes the appearance deceives you.

So that no one else dares to argue that they are actually the same, in this post I will tell you what it is that distinguishes them and makes them unique in their pastry species .


The Mary of Cupcakes is born in France . Initially known as ” La Madeleine “, this little cake soon became mainstream and spread throughout Spain after reaching Versailles and conquering the cradle of European pastries: Paris.

Initially they were made on plates shaped like small elongated shells, but later we chose the curled paper that is also used today to make muffins and cupcakes . A detail that does not help us when it comes to differentiating them.


On the other side of the English Channel, in England , other cakes were born, in this case hot , which were served at tea time.

These may not have reached Versailles, what are we going to do, but they also spread throughout Spain (some years later) is a fact.

The secret is in the dough?

Although a priori adding an ingredient before another may not seem so important, this little detail will mark the final result of your recipe, making you sometimes get exactly what you did not want.

It is very important that you know what differences there are between the dough of a cupcake and that of a muffin to avoid inedible hybrids.

  1. In the case of muffins, the dough is very beaten and aerated, similar to that of a sponge cake.
  2. First beat the eggs and sugar until you get a foamy mixture, with bubbles. They have oil instead of butter and the flour is added in the last step.
  3. Whipping the dough in this way makes them the queens of fluffiness.
  4. The muffin dough DOES contain butter. The dry ingredients are mixed first and then the wet ones.
  5. Contrary to the previous case, this dough should be beaten as little as possible to achieve a much drier consistency.
  6. Other features that make them different are their shape and taste. The former are longer and sweeter , and flatter and less sweet (even salty in some cases) the latter.
  7. None of them has filling (with some exceptions) but to the muffins they usually add small pieces of chocolate , fruit, yogurt and even cream on the outside .

So cupcakes are …

Now that you know the differences between muffins and muffins , you will wonder who the cupcakes are raw from .

The word cupcake , as its name suggests, literally translates to cup-cake or cup-cake .

  1. These cakes differ from the previous ones in practically everything.
  2. Its molds are of specific shapes such as hearts, stars, circles or any witty design.
  3. Its texture is more similar to that of a cake (hence the cake) and its biscuits are painted, injected in syrup or “drunk”.
  4. They are usually filled with chocolate, compotes or fruit and their characteristically decorated coating with icing sugar, fondant or colored sugar paste is what makes them clearly unmistakable. Come on, nothing to do.


To the purists of any of them I will say that everything has its moment. Why do you have to position yourself? You have to be open-minded, but above all, palate!

Think of the things you miss because you are an unconditional lover of one thing.

From yummy recipes I invite you to start innovating today in your recipes for muffins , muffin and you dare with colorful cupcakes or whatever you want .

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