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Surely you know the excellent quality and great variety of raw materials that are in Asturias, I am not discovering anything new and that you do not know. In the blog you will find a lot of this half-sister community of Galicia and it is that in the North of Spain it is eaten very well, it is cooked with a quality product without dizziness or strange processes. Asturias seen from the richness of the garden to its coast, without forgetting meat, the star product of the region.

Asturian bean stew Asturias forms its gastronomy around its mountains, green pastures and the cold Cantabrian Sea. Its 300 kilometers of coastline provide an immense variety of fish and shellfish that constitute one of the most appetizing offerings in the Principality. Of them it is difficult to keep any, but the pixin or monkfish , barnacles and oricios (sea urchins) are among my favorites. Fish from rivers too, such as salmon and trout.

Frixuelos If we talk about meat, surely you have all heard about their free-range free range chicken, also called pitu caleya , its game meats such as wild boar or roe deer . And perhaps its ambassador, the fabe, known throughout the world, the base of the typical Asturian dish by definition, the fabada , or the fabes with clams , without forgetting the production of milk. From it we will find the most interesting cheeses in Spain, a variety that will make you hesitate when choosing the one you like best. Cheeses that have matured with care and dedication by the cheese masters, the book invites you on a journey through the landscapes of Asturias.

Asturias, proximity cuisine , is a recipe book that carries everything I just told you in my soul. The dishes of this quality recipe book have been created by Pedro Reguera, with the salty part and who has also been in charge of the beautiful photographs that accompany the dishes, and the sweets are the works of Patricia Iglesias. They bring traditional cuisine to the delicatessen plate dressing the usual with avant-garde brushstrokes and originality.

cheeks This book is a gastronomic journey to the kitchens of Asturias. It has a total of 63 recipes and a glossary of terms that represent an exciting journey through Asturias, preserving all its flavor and identity. The forewords are given by the chefs Ferran Adrià, Martín Berasategui and Jorge González Carmona, executive chef of the Ritz hotel. Jorge underlines to readers that in Asturias, proximity cuisine you
will find ” some of the simple Asturian recipes, autochthonous, accessible to anyone who pampers and hopes “. The book, according to Adrià, aims to ” cover the entire range of  styles and manners of the Asturian land ” and does so accompanied by images ” of extraordinary quality with one of the most transparent and interesting views of gastronomic photography in our country “.

You may or may not like Asturian cuisine, although what is clear is that whoever has a minimum knowledge of the subject, Asturias is synonymous with cuisine with its own personality. We can say that forceful but always pampering the product. In Asturias, local cuisine you will find recipes as appetizing as an Asturian cabbage quiche , a bonito from Luanco with arugula pesto, an Asturian beef entrecote with a Varé goat cheese biscuit, a roe deer stew with Asturian black beer or traditional ones Casadielles or Casadiella  Don’t tell me it doesn’t go through the eyes?

Asturias cuisine proximity Asturias, proximity cuisine

  • Authors: Pedro Reguera and Patricia Iglesias
  • Number of Pages: Softcover, 164 Pages
  • Publisher: Ediciones Nobel SA; Edition: 1 (September 7, 2015) – Collection: Kitchen
  • Price € 20.90
  • Spanish Language
  • ISBN: 978-8484597186

Where to buy the book?

You have it from September 2015 in all your trusted bookstores. If you are outside of Spain you can also buy it online: Amazon , El Corte Inglés, Nobel, La Casa del Libro, Apunto, Fnac,…

Sea and mountain cuisine that includes the immense variety that nature has generously granted to the Principality. A good way to discover the gastronomy of a region that has a raw material of excellent quality. Totally recommended for those who are passionate about Asturias and good cuisine in general.

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