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IMG_6054 For those who do not know the name of Nicolás Capo (1899-1977), he is one of those interesting characters that time has eclipsed and who dedicated his life to spreading the trophology : comprehensive naturism, which involves nudism and a diet to regenerate the diseases caused by poor diet. We speak of the thirties of the last century, although the bases of his philosophy have been left for the future. His daughter Odina portrays him as a humanist, self-taught, empirical, freethinker, and pacifist. He is the author of numerous popular naturist works and a forerunner of nudism. Now his daughter and granddaughters continue with the disclosure of their legacy and of their recipes inspired by the philosophy of Nicolás, an updated recipe book based on vegetarian cuisine .

If you are from Barcelona, ​​you surely know the L’Hortet restaurant (at Calle Pintor Fortuny, 32), in the El Raval area, a vegetarian restaurant, although it is not just any one. His career supports him, the third generation of the naturist, pacifist and freethinker Nicolás Capo family, dedicated to green, healthy cuisine with healing properties, are already working on it. The same name of this Raval restaurant, L’Hortet, expresses a whole declaration of intent, to eat healthy and with foundations. Nearby is the Boqueria market, where the successors of Capó offer very fresh products with all the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.

LHortel Restaurant The L’Hortet restaurant is 26 years old, opened in 1990, it is the naturist redoubt that the daughter of Nicolás, Odina has always had in mind. A classic of good eating, with affordable prices and natural products. Odina has dedicated her life to cooking, explaining that before taking the transfer of this Pintor Fortuny venue, a vegetarian restaurant, a pioneer of naturism and typical of the Barcelona movement of the 80s, which was run by a Professor Capo’s patient. Professor Capo’s philosophy is still present in the menu that they offer their clients every day.

Odina Capo and her daughters, Sonia Capo and Odina Martí , previously formed a society that operated on weekends at their Dosrius farm (Maresme) where therapies and meetings were practiced for groups that could also stay to eat. Now they have been launched with a new project, ” Professor Capo’s Vegetarian Cookbook “.

Authors of the book Capo Professor Capo’s vegetarian cookbook is actually a “triple” book:

  • Because it tells the biography of Nicolás Capo, from his condition as a suspect for the authorities of the dictatorship to his friendship with Mahatma Gandhi or Pau Casals;
  • Because it explains the benefits of naturism and healthy living
  • Because it shows some of the most popular and tasty recipes offered in the restaurant. Almost a hundred proposals, superbly illustrated, with suggestions for starters, first courses, main courses, desserts and vegetable drinks.

Smothies In each recipe in this book, it is presented in a very original way to make it easier for the reader to prepare. A double page that offers, along with the ingredients and steps for the preparation of the dish, the description that Professor Capo made at the time of the natural or healing properties of some of the ingredients, along with an explanation of the foods with which best combines or those with which it should not be mixed.

“Eat little and eat less, that the health of the whole body is forged in the office of the stomach” Miguel de Cervantes * The ingenious gentleman Don Quixote de la Mancha, part two, chapter XLIII.

Today Professor Capo’s inheritance lives on through his daughter Odina and his granddaughters, with them the disclosure of the benefits of diet and vegetarian cuisine. The benefits of a vegetarian diet include the low intake of saturated fats that animal products contain, as well as the zero intake of cholesterol that is only found in the animal kingdom. In addition, with the vegetarian diet we can include a greater amount of fiber, and even more if we consume whole grains. If you want to know in a pleasant way the best recipes of this book, do not hesitate, book your book now at your trusted bookstore and on Amazon .

Professor Capo’s cookbook Capo Cookbook

  • Authors: Odina Capo, Sonia Capo, Patricia Serrano and Sergi Freixes.
  • Number of Pages: 224 – Binding: Rústica Hilo
  • Format 18.50 x 23.50 – Edition (April 14, 2016)
  • Price € 17.50
  • Publisher: Larousse
  • ISBN: 978-84-16641-05-5
  • Edition: Spanish – Illustrated / Practical Books – Gastronomy

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