How to prepare a perfect breakfast

How to make a good breakfast to carry the day with energy .

We all know the old unshakable saying: ” breakfast is the most important meal of the day ” and it is totally true, it is not a popular saying it is pure science.

But are there important things we should know about breakfast to get the most out of it? Do we eat breakfast as God intended? A single coffee until lunch? Bad very bad.

The benefits of having a complete and balanced breakfast every day are countless, a breakfast in good condition helps us to put our body in motion and provides the energy necessary to function during the morning.

I even recommend that you treat yourself to a weekend and enjoy a good bruch , a mix between a breakfast and a meal, just for the pleasure of enjoying it.

perfect breakfast

Did you know that breakfast as we know it is a recent invention?

The American historian Abigail Carroll places the origin of today’s breakfast in the second half of the 19th century.

Before, the first meal of the day was more like dinner or lunch, including foods like meat.

The evolution towards breakfast that we know today occurred gradually, due to the indigestion produced by the most forceful ingredients.

Why should we have breakfast?

A forceful breakfast gives us energy at work or school and allows us to regulate blood sugar levels.

We also don’t want to spend hours cooking for a good breakfast, so here are some ideas for a perfect breakfast , the essential meal of the day.

Most people think that a good breakfast is only the weekend, for whatever reasons, work, bad habits or rush, we usually get up quickly and leave the house with a simple coffee.

People who eat breakfast in a balanced, varied and correct way keep their weight within healthy limits.

The ideal is to eat five meals a day, with breakfast being an essential part. And remember that eating a good breakfast helps you eat better during the rest of the day.

A full breakfast opt, throughout the day, for healthier alternatives and to be a little happier. So do not hesitate to eat a delicious breakfast.

Tips for a good breakfast

  • If you eat in a hurry your stomach will suffer, it is not healthy. Take your time, get up a little earlier, 15 minutes less is enough and do it calmly. Breakfast should be eaten calmly, we should not be in a hurry.
  • Breakfast allows us to control the ingredients we eat better than other meals. At breakfast we better distinguish between different food groups. The 60-15-25 standard (60% carbohydrates + 15% protein + 25% healthy fats). It is easier to respect than during dinner or, fundamentally, lunch.
  • Carbohydrates and sugar must be present in our breakfast, but not in excess. Carbohydrates in their right measure, with a touch of fiber, dairy and a little glucose. For example, whole grains: oats, barley, quality bread for our toasts … avoid refined and highly processed cereals. Combat the “hangry” feeling. Mix of hungry (hungry) and angry (angry). This feeling arises when we skip a meal, such as breakfast. The glucose contained in carbohydrates like cereals helps improve our mood during the day.

  • I recommend you take a handful of nuts, accompany your yogurt with granola and finish with a good plate of fresh fruit. Most fruits are alkaline, necessary for the body. So don’t forget to include a piece or a natural juice in your breakfast.

  • To sweeten, the best ally is honey. And the bread is very important, the one that we like the most, whether it is from seeds or better wholemeal. We must not forget milk, a piece of cheese, cottage cheese and if we like yogurt.
  • Many people usually eat eggs, bacon or sausages for breakfast in the morning. These foods are too heavy and can take its toll on us in the long term. There must be a balance in these fatty foods. It is not advisable to eat a lot of it every day. That does not mean that one or two days a week we cannot indulge ourselves.

  • Most of us usually accompany everything with classic tea and coffee. We must know that they contain caffeine, so they should be consumed in moderation, taking no more than two cups a day.
  • Having a full breakfast helps productivity first thing in the morning. If the feeling of blockage and unproductiveness during the first hours of work is familiar and you see yourself without energy, it is surely because you do not have fuel to start the day.
  • Hydrate well. Coffee is a drink but it does not come as a liquid, accompany your breakfast with milk, a glass of fruit juice and another of mineral water, so you will complete the breakfast liquids.
  • Helps with weight loss and maintenance: yes, eating breakfast loses weight if food intake during the day is optimally planned and distributed. In a recent study, it was shown that, consuming the same number of calories, people who concentrated more in the morning were more likely to lose weight and stay at their optimal weight than those who increased their intake during dinner.

I hope that these little tips that I hope will help you face the day in the best possible way. How about you eat breakfast? Any other advice you can provide?

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