How to prepare the ideal brunch

The word brunch has become fashionable, it will surely ring a bell and you will wonder, what does this mean? Well, simply a mixture of breakfast with food.

A perfect snack for a weekend that you wake up late or even want to eat differently. Although I have practiced this gastronomic fad a little, I love it, especially since I am very fond of a full hotel-type breakfast and brunch is similar although the hours change.

It is best to go out with friends, between 11 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon, and put two meals together in one, cooking less and enjoying yourself in a hurry. Even adapt it to a dinner snack, which my friend Clara does so well (let’s see when you invite us to another snack-brunch …)

The custom comes from England, and the name of joining the words breakfast + lunch . In its origins the menu was the typical English breakfast based on eggs, toast, bacon, sausages and beans, of a more aristocratic origin.

A mixture of breakfast and food that New York high society made when they returned from hunting on Sunday. Today, few of these products continue to be included and replaced by more innovative and current dishes.


It is also attributed to the stop that the peasants made at mid-morning at their work to prick something, and another much more “chic” theory speaks of

If you are on vacation, weekend or just because, a brunch is perfect to make plans with your friends and family. The truth is that it is prevailing in Spain with force, it is one more opportunity to enjoy with family or with your friends, even to prepare at home some special day.

Suggestions and recommendations for a brunch

  1. You cannot miss the fruit, whether fresh or in jam, I recommend a simple fruit salad of the season, original skewers or a fruit and pasta salad .
  2. Surprise with various types of bread, both white and brown, as well as toast, breadsticks and crispbread. We can present small dumplings with various fillings .
  3. We can make sandwiches and sandwiches, toast in extra virgin olive oil with tomato or butter with your favorite jam.
  4. The  Benedictine eggs , the Shakshuka ,  the huevos rancheros or Scotch eggs are a must in your brunch, are the signature dish.
  5. For the drink , mainly fruit and vegetable juices, water, coffees and infusions are taken. Soft drinks, beer and wine are also incorporated, depending on the time.
  6. We can not forget dairy, I love  Greek yogurt with dried fruits, dried fruits, such as dried apricots, dates, raisins or dried figs or the mixture of both, granola has come to Spain to stay.
  7. Add sausages and assorted cheeses, we can make small recipes in which we fill with our favorite ingredients, I advise you some ham rolls cooked with asparagus , some arepas with chicken or some tequeños stuffed with cheese . We can also serve typical continental breakfast dishes such as scrambled eggs and sausages.
  8. Try some blinis with a little smoked salmon. Blinis are small pancakes or pancakes typical of Slavic cuisine made from flour, eggs, milk and yeast. There is no New York or London brunch worth its salt, without its blinis accompanied by salmon or smoked herring, on a layer of sour cream and topped with a pinch of fish roe.
  9. In the sweet part, we cannot forget pancakes , Irish pancakes or classic American pancakes . One of the most typical recipes is the French Toast or French toast very similar to our  French toast milk but thinner.  
  10. To dip in the coffee or to accompany the tea, some delicious muffins , with pieces of fruit or with chocolate . We can also find typical pastries such as  croissants , brioches, Neapolitans, palms or palmeritas , conches, cookies … if they are small, the better, so guests can try various types.
  11. The final touch is given by the various canapes with pates, cold cuts, quince and cheese, smoked salmon or cod, endive, tuna and egg, tomato and ham, anchovies with Arzúa cheese … Do not make them, leave all the ingredients prepared (washed and chopped if necessary) in plates with bagels and crispbread nearby, and that the guests prepare the canapé that they want.

The advantage of this meal is that it allows everyone to enjoy the evening equally, both the guests and the host, and adapt the food to all needs.

You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner, as well as consuming more or less products depending on the appetite of each one. Both adults and children enjoy this special lunch and have fun sharing it.

A yummy brunch

This is the last brunch that I enjoy with some friends, it surprised me with several dishes that you can see in the following photos.

  • We start with the sweet part. French toast and pancakes with jam, mine with honey, which I like best. A small muffin with jam, a cheesecake cake with strawberry jam and some fruit and mint skewer.
  • For the savory, the chef did not forget the New York tradition of serving  the famous Benedic t eggs , an egg preparation, toast and Hollandaise sauce .
  • In this case he added a little cooked ham and some capers that were very good for him. We continue with typical products from here, a toast of Iberian ham with tomato, pizza with mozarella, arugula and oregano, a vegetable cake with tomato sauce (great) and a small slice of goat cheese with tomato jam.
  • With the drink I did not complicate my life, I opted directly for a very cool beer but on welcome we were served some orange juices with strawberries in syrup and watermelon juices with cherry cherries with crushed ice.
  • Although the truth is that a brunch admits a multitude of sweet and savory dishes as well as hot and cold drinks, depending on the time a good coffee or you will not even painted.

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