Superfoods. Do parents exist or are they?


Açai, quinoa , chia, buckwheat, turmeric, goji berries, edamame , spirulina, kale, guanaba, kefir

If any of these names are already on your shopping list, then of course, a new food lingo is here to stay.

Learning languages ​​is great and, as we already know, gastronomy is an inexhaustible source of new products to explore , but does including these foods in our regular diet give us superpowers?


The fashion of feeding on seeds and products from eastern or Latin American origins invades us.

That is why finding these products in our trusted supermarket is increasingly common, and of course, if you do not include it on the menu of your bar or restaurant, you are nobody.

Statistics tell that the purchase of these magical foods has increased in the last three years by 202% and it is estimated that in Spain it will grow by 10% from now on.

We must not forget that magic foods , superfoods or whatever we want to call them, have no scientific basis to support their supposed qualities about our health.

It is true that they can have beneficial components for the organism or specific properties, but this also happens with the foods that we have been buying and consuming throughout our lives.


Surely you follow more than one account on your social networks in which they recommend these products, alternative ways to cook them, ideal times of the day to eat them, etc.

The reality is that no matter how much you eat a bowl of açai with goji berries and camu camu or kefir, if you do not eat in a healthy way and do not exercise a little, all these food novelties are of little use to you .


We must not forget that behind all superfood there is a super brand taking advantage of its supposed benefits for our health.

The traditional industry has seen in them a new way to reinvent themselves and create healthier versions of their products on the market.

They may not be magical or superpowered foods, but if thanks to them the food industry has put its batteries and that has resulted in innovative techniques that eliminate harmful components that were always there (dyes, preservatives, palm oil, etc.), in a way, we should be grateful to them.


In the Mediterranean diet we are fortunate to enjoy a wide range of superfoods of truth .

Of those who come from the orchard and the field thanks to our enviable climate (not another thing, but of climate we can boast).

If you want to plant kale in your garden because it has nutrients that will make you feel better than Popeye spinach or because in a nutritional magazine it was considered product of the year, do it!

But don’t forget that tomatoes are anti-cancer thanks to their high ligopene content. That pinto beans have the same omega 3 as chia .

That spinach has a very high fiber, protein, vitamin A and C content and that red plums, in addition to being delicious, are better than guanaba.


Eating healthy does not make us superheroes or superheroines, but it makes us feel better. So why not?

Try all these foods that you still have a hard time pronouncing (me too), enjoy them and include them in your weekly menu.

Discover for yourself or for yourself if they really give you that extra joy that you needed, but don’t forget that you don’t have to go far to find what you were looking for.

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