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It had been a lot of weeks with a secret that ate me inside … those of you who know me already know that this costs me a lot, but it is already there, I already have an open bar to tell our latest release, ” Taper recipes for work “.

An idea that has been forging for 1 year with my friends from Larousse and that already had its place on the blog with Tapers for children and adults . From this post an idea has been built, a project and today I present it to you as something tangible.

exotic touch Many of us eat taper daily, Rechupete recipes itself started as a compilation of the food my girlfriend brings to her work.

Now the cake with the lentils has become something normal in all the works in Spain, of course, the cake must be dignified as something normal nowadays.

Bento, taper or tupper, lunch-box, casse-croute, lunch box or a lunch box is usually considered as a simple container to put the leftovers that will go directly to the fridge to go on stage on some occasion, even as a gastronomic guerilla option to survive in the world of work that we have had to live.

Most of you who are reading this book live with her daily. Let’s turn the cake and that it becomes our best ally, that moment in which we take a little from our home to work.

One in four of working age eats in a pie plate in Spain, the figure seems small but there are many of us who prepare our food every day. A popular way to avoid going to the bar or restaurant and optimize our time, we also gain health, one of the reasons why many people decide to eat in a lunchbox.

When cooking at home we control the quantity of ingredients, including the famous oil, which in some bars abounds of dubious quality. We can also cook to our liking and invest in higher quality ingredients that we can find outside the home.

mom i carry today You may think that this book is full of complex recipes out of your reach … further from reality. In this book I am going to recommend the most successful recipes at home when preparing the weekly pie, they are not the most famous on the blog, but they are good, easy and cheap.

They hold up well from one day to the next, you can make many servings, they reheat well in the micro and they look like freshly made. Most of you can freeze them, at home we always have a plate of lentils in the freezer, so when the day has been hard and you don’t want to cook, you have something prepared for the next day.

Yes, it is possible to enjoy eating a lunch box, full of healthy, tasty and varied food. If you lack ideas, no problem, here you will find warm recipes, ready for you to cook. And the best thing is that not only will you want to enter the kitchen, the lunchbox will not be a symbol of slavery the day before.

Let’s prepare balanced and healthy meals, no fritang a sack, no refried and precooked things, we can prepare the same food for everyone and take it, some at home, others in the office and our kids at school. Eating in this way is nothing new and it is not difficult at all.

With the crisis in which we are submerged, everything helps, today more than ever, bringing homemade food to work is a highly demanded option and it is also healthier than eating out.

Making eating in a pie pan a tasty, healthy and inexpensive experience involves considering a number of aspects, ranging it's spoon time from the correct selection of containers, to planning the menu a couple of days in advance.

The great objective is to achieve a varied result, nutritionally balanced and, obviously, appetizing for everyone.

With this book we will give color and flavor to our lunchbox in a simple and healthy way and, most importantly, at an affordable cost and without spending a minute in the kitchen. Well no more talk, tomorrow at work we eat healthy, rich and cheap. Of course, don’t forget the cutlery!

In one of the prologues to “ Taper recipes for the job ” the blogger and great friend – Marta Miranda (“ Crockpotting ” and “ El Comidista “) – says that “ tell me what you have in the taper and I will tell you who you are ”.

And Montse Gálvez , one of my references and with a scholarly blog about this from the tapers, ” not without my taper “, explains the benefits of eating lunchboxes (she does it since she was a child) before recommending the recipes that I propose in the book.

This is our fourth book with Larousse Editorial and our recipes follow a style that will soon become a small culinary encyclopedia where you will find marinated recipes with tips, comments, comics and everything that makes cooking as fun as it is entertaining.

Taper recipes for work

  • Author: Alfonso López Alonso
  • Number of Pages: 256 – Rustic Binding with Flaps
  • Format 19 x 23.5 cm
  • Price € 15 for nothing (€ 14.25 on Amazon)
  • Publisher: Larousse
  • ISBN: 978-8416368877
  • Edition: Spanish – Illustrated / Practical Books – Gastronomy (Formula rechupete)

classics that never fail Do not miss a hundred recipes that are grouped into such attractive chapters as these in each of the recipes in each section.

  • Classics that never fail
  • Like a marquis
  • It’s spoon time
  • An exotic touch
  • Mom, what am I wearing today?
  • Spring Lunch Box Alters
  • We’re going on a picnic
  • When the heat squeezes
  • who bitters a candy?

Where to buy the book?

For those who have asked me by mail and facebook, you have it from March 17 in all your trusted bookstores. If you are outside of Spain you can also buy it online: Amazon , El Corte Inglés, La Casa del Libro, Apunto, Fnac, …

Are you going to be able to resist?

Be sure to complete your gastronomic library with any of our books. If you want to get hold of our Poker Aces yummy formula. Check out the posts about each one, including the first one in English.

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In this video he talked about each of my books, if you want to know a little more …


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