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How to cook a sea ox. Seafood recipe

How to cook a sea ox. Seafood recipe


  • Easy
  • 25 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 3.5 € / person
  • 127kcal per 100g.

How to cook a sea ox . One of the questions I receive the most during this Christmas season is ” how to cook seafood “. This year I have decided to complete the blog with more seafood recipe entries, tips and I will even do a special in this regard.

At Christmas lunches and dinners , seafood recipes are always a great option. A very attractive dish that everyone likes. Perhaps a very special dish, for its occasional and above all for its price. In Galicia we usually take it at Christmas and on an exceptional occasion such as a birthday or a family celebration meal.

The Sea Ox is one of the tastiest seafood in Galicia. I do not like to disguise the taste of a good product and less with so much sea flavor. Such a fresh and high quality ingredient, so the only protagonist of this recipe is the sea ox itself, without further ado, easy and simple. On the table, well presented and prepared. Perfect to enjoy a good meal with friends and family.

The price of shellfish, spider crab , sea ox, Norway lobster , razor clams , … at Christmas goes up through the roof. We can easily find the piece of the sea ox at € 8.99 per kilo and the cooked ones at more than € 10 / kilo. That is why I encourage everyone to buy them alive because it discourages them not knowing how to cook them so that they are perfect. Today I am going to teach you how to cook a sea ox well, so that it stays at its cooking and flavor point. In addition to an explanatory video of how to open a sea ox so that you do not have any type of problem when eating it.

Preparation of a sea ox

There are a few tricks to keep in mind to cook properly and not spoil the seafood. The ideal would be to cook 1 beef of between 700 and 900 gr.

It all depends on the seafood that you put on the table, at home we touch an ox for 2 people. My mother usually puts in some spider crab, crawfish and, of course, crab, my father’s favorite.

  1. In the event that the ox is not dead, the first thing will be to kill it in cold water with ice.
  2. The shellfish must be completely covered in water. Put enough water in a container, about 5 liters per piece, add 60 gr. of coarse salt per liter of water and a couple of dry bay leaves.
  3. If you have the sea nearby, put the salt aside and run for liters of seawater needed for your seafood. You are still a lucky person, although now we can find bottled seawater on the market. You can always buy this type of water to improve cooking, although in my case it goes with Madrid water, salt and bay leaf.

Cooking of the sea ox

  1. We cook the live beef when the water is cold and bring it to a boil. The reason for putting it dead is that if it gets alive in very hot water, its legs will separate from its body. If the sea ox is already dead, wait for the water to start boiling to put it in the pot.
  2. When the water is warm it is time to introduce the sea ox with the legs up, so we will not lose the broth that has the body of the shellfish. If it is alive, always hold it by the back so as not to have a scare with its clamps.
  3. When the water is boiling with the ox inside is when the time begins to count. In both cases, once the water returns to a boil, wait 12 more minutes.
  4. Once cooked, we remove it from the saucepan and let it cool.

Cooking according to the size of the sea ox

According to the sizes the times are:

  • 0.500 kg. at 0.800 kg .: 17 minutes
  • 0.850 kg. at 1,200 kg .: 20 minutes
  • 1,250 kg. at 1,600 kg .: 25 minutes
  • 1,700 kg. at 2,500 kg .: 30 minutes

Be sure to enjoy all the seafood and fish recipes that we offer you in the special Christmas recipes . You can see all the photos of the step by step of the recipe for sea ox .

Tips and recommendations for eating a chubby sea ox

  • It is always recommended to buy females both in the case of the sea ox and in the spider crab. They usually have more meat in the same size and usually come loaded with their coral.
  • The female is distinguished from the male in that they have a wide, short and rounded triangle on the underside. Males have a long, narrow triangle. Although I think that in spawning season, it does not matter a bit to buy females than males. The rich thing about the female is the coral.
  • If you want to know how to do it when you do it with a spider crab, don’t miss the post with the   process of cooking a spider crab or spider crab .
  • If you want to save a few euros you can freeze it once cooked. To freeze you follow the same cooking procedure but you subtract 3 minutes.
  • Let cool completely, cover with a kitchen cloth soaked in cooking water. We drain it and keep it in a bag suitable for freezing.
  • Freeze with the legs up so that the broth is not lost. It is recommended to consume within 3 months.
  • To prepare the sea ox, don’t miss this video tip. I have prepared the male sea ox Antón so that you do not have any problem in your house.


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