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How to make 5 easy and tasty Christmas canapes. Assured success

For 4 € 4 /pers. 280 kcal/100g Ingredients For the avocado and mango baskets: 1 ripe avocado 2 ripe tomatoes 1 mango at its point Cod or smoked salmon Pitted black olives Fresh parsley For the beet and cream cheese canapés: 1 canned cooked beet Cream cheese fresh chives For foie canapés with red fruits: …

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Curry laksa. Malaysian Curry and Prawn Soup Recipe

For 4 € 5.6 /pers. 304 kcal/100g Ingredients For the curry laksa: 250g. noodles or rice noodles 2 small spoons of red curry paste 200 ml. coconut milk 250g. of prawns or prawns 3 garlic cloves 2 fresh coriander leaves 100 ml. fish broth 1/2 tablespoon of sugar 200g. tofu 4 boiled eggs (1 per …

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Risotto frutti di mare, the Italian seafood risotto

For 4 € 5.2 /pers. 305 kcal/100g Ingredients 320g. Scotti rice 1.2l. seafood and fish broth 100g. of onion 1 kg. of mussels 350g. of shrimp 250g. of clams 250g. of cockles 200g. monkfish, scorpionfish, mullet… or some similar fish 250 ml. of white wine 30g. of butter 30g. Parmesan cheese Salt (to the taste …

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How to Make Cantonese-Style Fried or Stir-Fried Rice

For 4 € 3.4 /pers. 275 kcal/100g Ingredients 200g. Sundari basmati rice 200g. peeled shrimp or prawns 2 or 3 eggs for the French omelette (depends on the size of the egg) 3 thick slices of cooked ham 1 large carrot 100g. of peas 50g. of bean sprouts Mild extra virgin olive oil or sunflower …

Homemade tuna sandwich with soy
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Homemade tuna sandwich with soy

Info. Easy 45 minutes For 2 persons € 3 / person For lovers of intense, different flavors and the tuna itself, you will be delighted with this dish, a sandwich with a small tuna steak, hamburger type . In addition, the tuna season includes the months from April to August. So we are already fully …

Saffron cod
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Saffron cod

Info. Easy 40 minutes For 2 persons 4.2 € / person In my opinion, cod is one of the most versatile fish when it comes to cooking. There are endless possibilities to prepare this seafood product at home, whether in the most traditional style such as cod in pilpil , cod in Bras or Gomes …