The cookbooks of the best gastronomic blogs in 2012

I cannot be more than excited with this compilation of the books that have fallen into my hands lately, a summary of the blogger colleagues and friends who make the 2.0 world a haven of peace and stress and transmit it to paper, books that are from everyone and for everyone.

They have worked it! Super complete and full of stories, in addition to recipes we will find personal experiences, a lot of humor in some of them, unpublished recipes and especially food, good, the one you imagine the smell of just reading the recipe. And most importantly, they are recipes made and tested, those that friends and family have eaten, and that is why they are there, because they are great.

As Mikel would say in the presentation of his book with this phrase by John Waters: “You have to turn books back into something that is cool. If you go home with someone and they don’t have books, don’t throw it away ”Wise advice, never trust someone who doesn’t have books at home. I hope you like this great selection, great reservation.

The pop cuisine of El Comidista (Various (plaza & janes))

This book is cool, cool, and they take it from Mr. Iturriaga’s hands, hey !!! On the 22nd it was the presentation and it will surely sweep sales this Christmas. I have had the opportunity to delve into it, and it fulfills the expectations that I had made with it, super complete, with an air to the previous one, “The recipes of the comidista”  adding the great successes of this season as the breaker ” Food that you should not keep in the fridge ”, the old recipes or the one that has become a classic on Fridays,“ Alo comidista “.

Pop cuisine is pop because it relates food to film, music, television, fashion or advertising. And it’s also pop because the recipes are as easy and straightforward as a Ramones song or Game of Thrones episode. This book collects the particular universe of the blog and expands it with photos and new sections such as the “Oldies”, the “Menus to watch series” or the recipes of invited artists.

He also updates his delirious interviews with old dishes and selects the best from the most bizarre culinary practice, “Hello, Comidista.” Mikel López Iturriaga practices a particular “signature cuisine” that mixes delicious recipes and somewhat irreverent practical advice. The key to enjoying food is not spending a lot of time or money on expensive ingredients or absurd sophisticated preparations. You just need to have fun … and a book like this. Do not miss it, a gem!

  • Author: Mikel López Iturriaga (Author)
  • Publisher: PLAZA & JANES; Edition: 001 (November 22, 2012) (ISBN: 978-8401346538)
  • Price: € 20.81.
  • Features: softcover book, 384 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Various Collection.

Kitchen hitters for impostors: Cooking recipes with cans, jars and frozen food to cook like a true chef.

Since the Book Fair where I met friend Falsarius , I cannot say that he has not met my expectations as a person and character at the same time, a type that is worth knowing, an example in the cookery world that has been cooked between stoves, Although he does not recognize it and that he helps with any can or preserves, always of quality to do what many every day at home, feed us the best possible.

What the hell is this from the impostor kitchen? It is the way of cooking that will change your life. A kitchen that is made with cans, jars, frozen food and the three little things that you can find in the supermarket on the corner, and that is within the reach of anyone, however clumsy it is on the stove. A kitchen so easy that all you need to do it is hunger. In this cool and painter’s book you can find the most successful imposting recipes: a cunning selection of joyful rice dishes that always turn out well, resounding grandmother’s stews that are made in ten minutes, fish recipes that cannot be fresher because they are freshly made from the can, roasts of meat that surprise of the apparent thing that remain and delicious desserts of those so caloric and tempting that they ruin the bikini operation just by looking at the photos.

An enjoyment within the reach of anyone that will allow you to suck with your friends, hit that nosy sister-in-law who always laughed at your culinary clumsiness and gloat over your gastronomic successes, full of pride and self-sufficiency, upon discovering that you are finally capable to eat rich and well without mom’s tuppers. A summary of the best of this kitchen crack, friend Falsarius .

  • Author: Falsarius chef
  • Publisher: PLAZA & JANES; Edition: 001 (May 15, 2012) (ISBN: 978-8401347894)
  • Price: € 17.26.
  • Features: Soft cover book, 448 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Various Collection.

Over 999 Non-Silly Recipes: Robin Food TV’s Kitchen

But how do you eat this? With this book you have for several years, you will not go hungry, you just want to open this good book and tell yourself, because just like in his program, David tells us:

“Come in friend, leave the cold and the boots on the door and sit on the fire” “Come to the heat of the kitchen and let us tell you a stupid recipe”

In this book, his friend Berasategui helps him, a luxury guest on his program and who completes this duo of stars in the gastronomic firmament, Martín Berasategui and David de Jorge , present us with endless practical recipes and ideas to prepare the menu for each day, we have no excuses for not cooking.

From one of the most entertaining, practical, irreverent and most watched cooking programs on Basque television: Robin Food. Binge-eating . A simple kitchen with common sense takes shape in this large recipe book that moves away from extravagances and exotic ingredients, recipes for busy people with good taste: salads, soups and creams, sandwiches, sauces and dressings, but also elaborate dishes and cocktails for the most special occasions. An essential book in any kitchen, destined to become a classic.

Long live Russia and cooking without nonsense!

  • Authors: David de Jorge and Martín Berasategui.
  • Publisher: DEBATE; Edition: 001 (October 16, 2012) (ISBN: 978-8499921990)
  • Price: € 17.95.
  • Features: softcover book, 728 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Debate.

Mom’s recipes for celiacs

Mom’s recipes are a reference in the gastronomic blogging world, the soul of a mother and the knowledge of a son to get cooking one of the best blogs in Spain. They have already edited two successful books and this will be no less, very careful and with a great photograph, they convey the flavor and knowledge of your blog. In addition, the introduction and foreword is from my great friends at Caminar sin glutén, Ana and Victor , who better than them to open fire in the world of gluten-free dissemination?

Ana’s kitchen has always been very sensitive to food intolerances that affect so many people, children, adults and the elderly, and for this reason we decided that it was time to dedicate a book to recipes for coeliacs, an increasingly collective numerous in Spain. We have this topic more and more present in all the kitchen blogs, even from delicious recipes we have made a special gluten-free recipe book , which you can browse.

In this book you will find recipes to help celiac people and their families and friends, proposing varied and tasty recipes, sweet and salty, made with simple ingredients that will delight everyone. Because being celiac does not mean giving up enjoying good cuisine every day. Each and every recipe in this book proves it.

  • Authors: Ana María Prieto and Francisco de Juan.
  • Publisher: Plataforma; Edition: 1 (November 5, 2012) (ISBN: 978-8415577645)
  • Price: € 18.05.
  • Features: Book with soft cover (reinforced), 208 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Platform

Cook for 2 – irresistible recipes

The Cook for 2 : Irresistible Recipes book contains 40 recipes not available on the blog. They all have a reason why they are in the book, and that is explained in the little footer of the recipes. They are very much based on my grandmother’s cooking, and they all remind me of someone I care about.

I leave you with the epilogue of the great Sacha Hormaechea that perfectly defines the book.

“I didn’t have the book in hand yet, but I would have appreciated it. I already know that I can see your recipes online, but fortunately not the whole planet is connected to a computer; not in my shelter. I tugged from memory and started thinking about the photos. Those that remind me of the first kitchen photos from the 70s, which I saw in French women’s magazines, soft photos with that sincere light, which launch to teach the newly finished recipe, almost without time to rest, with the desire to share them quickly, because they are not just for photographing, they are for eating after being portrayed. ”

  • Author: Belen Otero Iglesias
  • Publisher: Pigmalion Edypro (March 7, 2012) (ISBN: 978-8415244233)
  • Price: € 18.95.
  • Features: Book with soft cover (reinforced), 104 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Pigmalion Edypro.

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