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Fall cookbooks I did not want to leave more time to recommend a book to you, the theme, Autumn , I have many new books, but I have decided with these five, two of them very appropriate to document on a trip to the forest or to be able to maintain your own garden, they are from a new collection of highly curated Laurosse, Discover, enjoy and taste . You could not miss the recommendation on the best book on chestnuts on the market, written by the teacher Flavio Morganti and with incredible photos of Xurxo Lobato, one of my favorite photographers. His recipes reviewed by the Spanish celiac federation do not give rise to a new, much-needed book on food allergies, Easy Cooking for Allergies , where they introduce you without fear to that current problem in our society. And the last one, not least, a little book-shaped jewel, that has me hooked every night and that I’m about to finish, ” The flavor of an image “. I do not know if I will learn to make a decent photo, but of course it gives many ideas and immerses you fully in the world of photography and light.

“Mushrooms, chestnuts, orchards, photography and food allergies”. Various topics to resume reading towards the end of the year, I already have in mind what I am going to give this Christmas, books. And I’m going to prepare a post with everything that comes and what I would like you to give me as a gift. Do not forget that you eat well every day you have it in your bookstores and it is the perfect gift for those who are starting in this kitchen, which, as my mother says, must be swept at home .

Discover, enjoy and taste THE FOREST

The forest, seen through other eyes, a book with a spectacular design that Larousse proposes to us for this Autumn. The excursions to the forest can give a lot of themselves, we are in the middle of the mushroom season and the most beautiful part of the year to go out to the forest and enjoy nature. This book will become the perfect companion to discover the forests of the Iberian Peninsula, to enjoy at home preparing crafts with materials collected during an outing and, above all, to taste delicious recipes made with ingredients within reach of an awake eye and a palate eager to try new things.

The work is organized into 2 main sections: an introduction that details the various types of forest on the peninsula and offers tips for preparing an excursion and making the most of it; and an exhaustive review of a wide selection of plant and animal species. ” The forest ” teaches how to prepare blueberry pie, romesco sauce, mushroom oil, necklaces with snails, risotto with morels, pacharán, raspberry jam, preserved figs in wine, boats with nutshells, Christmas decorations with pineapple, alcohol rosemary and lavender … and many more proposals to enjoy excursions at any time of the year.

A book to enjoy on the ground and… also at home

  • Authors: Amanda Laporte, Toni Monné, Astrid van Ginkel, Nathalie Pons, Ángel and Óscar Domínguez.
  • Publisher: Larousse Editorial 2012 (ISBN: 978-84-15411-35-2)
  • Price: € 15.68.
  • Features: Hardcover book, 160 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Easy gardening collection.

Discover, enjoy and taste The garden.

The garden is in fashion, gardening has become a trend that continues to gain supporters. In the cities, in schools, to eliminate stress, to ensure the consumption of natural and quality products, to learn to respect nature, as a very healthy entertainment … there are multiple reasons and spaces where to cultivate a garden, to which to dedicate a time whose fruits more than reward the dedicated efforts.

This practical book, full of drawings and photographs, opens with a complete introduction that reviews the basic tools, explains different types of watering, offers tips to combat frost and insects, offers suggestions for crop rotations and other practical information to achieve an orchard full of life and color. In another great section, ” The garden ” offers specific information and juicy recipes for a wide variety of products: aubergines, zucchini, onions, cherries, spinach, strawberries, peas, lettuce, potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, carrots …

A different book to enjoy and savor the garden

  • Authors: Amanda Laporte, Toni Monné, Astrid van Ginkel, Nathalie Pons, Ángel and Óscar Domínguez.
  • Publisher: Larousse Editorial 2012 (ISBN: 978-84-15411-35-5)
  • Price: € 15.68.
  • Features: Hardcover book, 160 pages.
  • Edition: Spanish – Easy gardening collection.

The taste of an image – High-quality food photography.

It seems to me a great idea, to put photography and gastronomy together, there are not many books about it. Most of the information that I have been able to find in this regard has been through gastronomic blogs where the passion for detail and photography go hand in hand.

Are you a gourmet looking to create attractive photographs of your culinary creations? Do you have a gastronomic blog where you would like to show your recipes with high-quality images? Are you interested in creating photographs that convey the flavor of your favorite dishes but do not have sufficient photographic knowledge?

If you are a photography enthusiast and you like cooking, with this book you will have a lot of ideas and especially little professional touches for your photos. How to achieve an attractive visual presentation of the dishes is the objective of the famous photographer Nichole S. Young in this book. It’s about the dazzling effect produced by photography applied to food, with practical tips and professional tricks. She serves us the necessary ingredients: lights, objectives, reflectors to create an excellent recipe for lighting, focus and composition. A superbly illustrated manual that exploits the gifts of the collection, with an extensive compilation of photographs. Let yourself be guided by the friendly and clear tone of this book and become an expert chef photographer.

  • Authors: Nichole S. Young
  • Publisher: Anaya Multimedia 2012 (ISBN: 978-8441531871)
  • Price: € 37.91.
  • Features: 288-page soft cover (reinforced) book.
  • Edition: Spanish – Photoclub Collection.

The breadfruit, castanea sativa miller – Mysteries of chestnuts and their recipes.

This is one of those books that you have to have yes or yes, presented as a gastronomic romance, Flavio transmits an entertaining and entertaining vision of the singularities and curiosities that surround the magnificent (and not always known) world of the low forest.

The book has hundreds of anecdotes and curiosities prefaced by Paco Torreblanca, one of the most renowned Spanish pastry chefs, with collaborations as important as those of Carlos Acoytia or Santiago Pereira, from the University of Lugo. In addition to the more than 70 recipes prepared by Flavio Morganti and illustrated with more than a thousand wonderful photographs of Xurxo Lobato. It is one of the first books that my sister Nuria gave me, and that I have dedicated by Flavio himself, one of those little gems that you have to have on your shelf and use from time to time to surprise your guests.

  • Authors: Flavio Morganti, Paco Torreblanca, Carlos Acoytia, Santiago Pereira and Xurxo Lobato.
  • Publisher: Editorial Everest 2009 (ISBN: 978-8444120409)
  • Price: € 37.95.
  • Features: 192-page hardcover book.
  • Edition: Spanish – Signature Cuisine Collection.

Easy cooking for allergy sufferers

Whenever I talk to Victor or Ana about Walking Gluten-Free, I see the struggle they are involved in so that people like us but with an allergy are treated in the same way as people in general. The ignorance of this type of diseases at the beginning can be scary, but little by little, with blogs like yours or like the book that I present to you now, the path becomes easier.

When an allergy to a food is diagnosed, the affected person enters a world unknown to him and he has to start investigating the processes and additives used by the industry, in order to acquire knowledge that allows him to change his way of eating without negative consequences; if the diagnosed is a child, the situation ends up becoming alarming.

This book offers a recipe book of simple dishes to prepare especially conceived for those allergic to some type of food. The first moments of coexistence with a food allergy process are complicated. There is not much information and the disease itself is somewhat mysterious. It is not well known how to do things or what to do and what not to do. This work tries to collect in a practical manual a series of coexistence rules, information and, of course, many and varied kitchen recipes suitable for people with food allergies.

  • Authors: Susana Monzón Ballarín and Pablo Murillo
  • Publisher: Libros singular – Alianza Editorial (ISBN: 978-8420608389)
  • Price: € 15.19.
  • Features: 192 pages reinforced softcover book.
  • Edition: Spanish – Signature Cuisine Collection.

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