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lamb Today I do not start with a recipe but with a good recommendation, a book that you can not stop having at hand when cooking thinking of a holiday or special celebration. The friends Webos Fritos have just done it again, a new book in all the bookstores in Spain, and I am telling you from now on that it is the best of all they have done, perhaps because they get to the point of those recipes that are necessary in any celebration. I’m not saying that, I have all his books and they have a privileged place on my kitchen shelf. Special occasions, whatever they may be, deserve to be celebrated in style.

For those of you who don’t know them yet, Webos Fritos is one of the most influential Spanish cooking blogs of the moment. It is made up of Susana Pérez, a lawyer by profession, who cooks and writes all the recipes on the blog, and Jesús Cerezo, an architect who is passionate about photography and is responsible for displaying such appetizing dishes. Both express their love for their hobbies on their blog.

In Spain, eating and drinking are part of all celebrations. Special occasions can be big, like a birthday or a graduation from college, or they can be to celebrate small but important successes for us, such as making ends meet with money or going back to work after spending a lot of time at unemployment. Many recipes, especially simple and easy to apply to birthdays, anniversaries, meetings with friends, children’s parties or Christmas.

When a celebration arrives, even if you have everything under control, many of us panic, or we are terrified or lazy, the choice of recipes, the purchase of the best ingredient so that we get a perfect meal. You just need to think carefully about what you want to do, plan it in advance and buy the best product that your budget can afford. From today, the book of His and Jesus miraculously saves us from having to think about what to do on that day, seating the guests at a good table has never been so easy. 

With these 63 recipes you can entertain any celebration, from informal cocktails with friends to elegant family celebrations. The recipes included in the book are designed to cover any need and go beyond appetizers, starters, seconds and desserts. You will also learn how to prepare some of the most useful doughs for dishes, recipes for breakfasts and snacks, the best Christmas desserts or what to do with the remains of the party in original recipes for use.

They are not only recipes for appetizers, starters, seconds and desserts; There are also tips and ideas for setting the table, more formal or less, and tricks to get everything ready without dying trying. You will also learn how to prepare some of the most useful doughs for dishes, recipes for breakfasts and snacks, the best Christmas desserts or what to do with the remains of the party in original recipes for use.

Book_webos_fritos Fried Webos. Party recipes

  • Title: Fried Webos. Party recipes
  • Fried webos authors: Susana Pérez and Jesús Cerezo
  • Editorial Penguin Random House / Aguilar Ocio; Edition: 001 (November 12, 2015)
  • Collection: GASTRONOMY.
  • Price € 17 nothing
  • ISBN-13 978-8403507739
  • Softcover – 192 pages

Where to buy the book?

You have it from May 14 in all your trusted bookstores. If you are outside of Spain you can also buy it online: Amazon , El Corte Inglés, La Casa del Libro, Apunto, Fnac, …

As always, I am going through the bush and you are here to read about one of the  most elaborate party recipe books in the Spanish publishing world, and in other words, I assure you. An easy-to-follow recipe book with clear explanations that will lead you directly to the kitchen. A reflection of the good work that you can also see on her blog. A cookbook made by a blogger, which is a sign that the recipes will come out yes or yes, real and without cheating or cardboard. We are faced with an elegant book, good paper, attractive photographs of the presentations and well-explained recipes.


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