Mozzarella salad with smoked swordfish and caramelized tomatoes

We continue with more yummy salads, I am really enjoying the originality of the recipes that you are sending me, please … MORE, lol. Today I present you a mozzarella salad with smoked swordfish and caramelized tomatoes, it sounds great, doesn’t it? David García Arnal sent it to us. The truth is that when he sent me the email and I went to his blog I was pleasantly surprised, I did not know him and I discovered a very high level in all his dishes, I encourage you to visit him. has an easy, clean and direct design, I liked the structure and use of social networks. I also leave your Facebook page , I just added it.

Preparation of the salad:

  1. We prepare the caramel in a saucepan: with half the sugar and a little water (4 tablespoons), when it begins to caramelize (typical honey color or is blond), we will add the peeled walnuts, caramelize and take them out on a baking paper, we will reserve.
  2. We will peel the tomatoes, peel them off and cut them into petals. In a frying pan, we will sauté them slightly. We should not cook them too much if they do not fall apart. We will add the 50 gr. remaining sugar, let them caramelize for 2 minutes and reserve.
  3. We will cut the mozzarella into slices 1 finger thick and interspersed with the smoked swordfish and caramelized tomato.
  4. We will dress the lettuces separately and place them on the plate.
  5. With a knife, we will cut the caramelized walnuts into small pieces and add them to the salad.
  6. To finish we will make a vinaigrette of pistachios: in the glass of the mixer we will place the pistachios, 25 ml. sherry vinegar, 75 or 100 ml. of virgin olive oil and a little salt. We will crush everything until we get a homogeneous vinaigrette. We just need to water around the salad and serve.

Take advantage! Is awesome.


  1. For the vinaigrette, I have used a little chopped candied orange that I had in the fridge, but from here the limit is your imagination, you can make it with any dried fruit, Goji berries, berries or whatever you can think of .
  2. Caramelized tomatoes can last a long time in the fridge, so if you have leftovers do not worry, you can use them again.
  3. Take the opportunity to show off with this salad, since it is very complete, and you can surprise your guests, you have to realize that we play with the palate mixing sweet-salty-fresh (lettuces) and fatty-dried fruit cheese.
  4. Regarding mozzarella, I recommend that you read the directions on the package well because there are many cheaper cows and they are not the same, get used to looking at the composition of the product, you will gain in quality for the salad or for other recipes.

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