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What to do and eat in San Isidro?

The San Isidro festival is the date where the chulapos and chulapas, the most traditional, usually go to share picnic recipes with friends in the meadow, but you can book a restaurant to taste the best stew in Madrid, if you don’t want to prepare it at home.

The wafers, the chulapo berets, the handkerchiefs and the carnations, the chotis, the picnic on the meadow and the checkered tablecloths, the stew, the verbena …

Ever since I read these words about Madrid to my friend Lúa on Facebook, I thought that the day I spoke to you about San Isidro I had to publish them. For the feeling and passion that a Madrilenian can give to her city, I will begin this post with her precious reflection:

Today is the day for well-rounded and infinite reeds. Of singing ‘The Girl from Yesterday’ at the Penta. Of an angry goddess who punished two young lovers who dared to offend her. Two magnificent and regal lions, but deeply ashamed. From the museum where Van deer Weyden’s ‘The Descent’ is located. The last stew that mom makes before summer. How beautiful is La Castellana at night. Of the music that is still heard in the Metro. To close bars on Mondays. Of the working class neighborhoods with the best people in the world. Going down Calle Arenal at sunset. Of grinders on the balconies. Going to your neighborhood bar and ordering a Mahou botijo. Of ladies who go out to throw the garbage with their flower gown. From “look, father, look how I fly”. Of a brunette and a blonde. Of wanting to get out of here whistling but then not being able to live without it. Madrid, I love you

Lúa Monastery

From here all I can do is decorate it, I cannot overcome the feelings of a Madrid cat, only to say that I feel that for years I have been passionate about a city that welcomed me like one more more than 14 years ago.

And although you are from outside, Madrid is not a hard city as many imagine, it is full of good people, from here and there, we are made up of thousands of people, each of the mother who gave birth to it and that makes it special.

The day gives San Isidro , May 15th is a big day for both locals and all coming together to enjoy the day, I assure you that produce large doses of happiness and this year.

I recommend a route with some of the traditional plans to enjoy and a lot of recipes in case you want to celebrate it in any corner of Spain.

The Madrid cuisine is very diverse. Typical Madrid food at the Fiestas de San Isidro include the traditional Madrid stew and the oxtail stew that are normally eaten in the city’s restaurants.

But on this day, the most typical thing is to eat a potato omelette sitting on the Prairie of San Isidro, next to the Manzanares river, visit the hermitage dressed as a chulapo or chulapa and drink water from the source of the miraculous spring.

Each one of the members of the picnic must bring a plate, and since the idea is to enjoy Madrid’s cuisine, sandwiches, eat pickles, fries of riddles and chicken in the stands on the meadow, a potato omelette (homemade if possible ), tapas, wafers, donuts, and desserts.

And so, without intending to, you become the king of the picnic, here you have a lot of ideas to surprise the gang that day, and if you organize you will surely enjoy much more.

pavia soldiers Battered cod or Pavia Soldiers A few soldiers and a rod! It was the most repeated phrase in the Madrid bars of the Court, but this cod coated in saffron is not cat, but Andalusian. Although in the capital this battered cod snack has been adopted as the most traditional in the center, being the most popular skewer in Casa Labra.

spicy potatoes Patatas bravas . The recipe that I usually prepare at home is my mother-in-law Pilar, where salsa brava is very important. We have tried many fried potatoes in Madrid, although I would stick with those from the Taberna de la Ardosa or with the concept of the fried potato from Sergi Arola, with a signature cuisine style.

Pickled anchovies recipe Anchovies in vinegar . This cover is perhaps one of the most brilliant creations of Spanish cuisine, but it is not easy to eat quality. We can find super acid anchovies, too old or hard as a stone. For this I advise you to make them at home, so you can compare what you eat in taverns and bars throughout Madrid.

Kidneys At Jerez Kidneys to Jerez . Recipes made with shells have that love-hate attraction. Kidneys are lamb, pork or veal, such as grilled ear or tripe a la Madrilenian are lifelong, shell products that Javi Estévez has become fashionable in “La Tasquería”, do not stop booking to enjoy of all his creations.

Omelette Spanish omelette . I am not going to present you a unique and universal omelette recipe, it is clear that this is my recipe, the one from home that my mother taught me. Because the best omelette is that of a dad or a mom, that of the grandmother, that of the house, that of the bar of a lifetime with that well-thrown cane that makes it supreme, … and of course the one that you take to the meadow on the day of San Isidro.

Tripe to Madrid . At home we like very spicy tripe although the way to prepare a tripe a la Madrilenian differs in each home, each with its own point, this is one more recipe and I think of quality. A long preparation dish that is worth it, resulting in a super tasty spoon dish, I would even say creamy, which could not be more good.

Madrid stew Cooked from Madrid . Succulent and meaty, the Madrid stew requires a time and some methods of preparation that are not found anywhere … it is true that ” when the rook flies low, it gets cold from … “, because the cold is already installed between us , and to combat it there is nothing better than a good Madrid stew.

uncle lucas beans Beans to Uncle Lucas . This stew or bean casserole is one of them, and one of the best without a doubt. This Madrid woman has a lot of tradition and history, and dates back to the 19th century. Its origins are attributed to its creator, the illustrious Lucas González de Caso, popularly known as “Tío Lucas”.

broken_hams_jamon Broken eggs with ham . At Casa Lucio, the legendary restaurant of Cava Baja, they embroider this dish. Lucio Blázquez arrived in Madrid, coming from Serranillos (Ávila) and worked in several Madrid restaurants. In 1975 Casa Lucio appeared with his star dish, Lucio comments that this dish was “invented” by his grandmother, every time an egg fell on the ground he would pick it up and break it on top of the potatoes to take advantage of it.

Silly Donuts Silly and ready donuts , along with the French and those of Santa Clara are one of the most famous traditional Madrid gastronomic products, which are taken by the thousands at the San Isidro festivities. They are all made up of the same base, differing from each other simply in their final finish.

bartolillos madrilenhos Bartolillos from Madrid . They are sweets with a very thin and sweet dough similar to a pasty, which, once filled with pastry cream, are fried in oil. They are served sprinkled with sugar and if we get to consume them hot they will be richer if possible.

pestiños Pestiños . As is the case with all traditional recipes, there are many ways to prepare the pestiños. In some places they bathe with a syrup of honey, they are crushed, in others they sprinkle sugar just removed from the pan.

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