Edamame. What it is, how it is eaten and where it is bought


Beans look like, but … “Jewish” beans are not! That is, the edamame are Jewish, but they are not the traditional ones that we find in the fruit section of our supermarket.

Edamame are soy beans and are often eaten as an appetizer in Japanese cuisine . They are sold frozen and it is increasingly easy to find them also in the supermarket.

Why will it be? For its benefits? How good are they or why are they addictive?

Some speak of them as the aperitif of the present and the future. They say they are much better than nuts or any snack that they sell us as healthy to snack between meals.

What are they?

The edamame are nothing more than 80% still harvested soybeans and what is contained in the pod, what is eaten, is neither more nor less than a soy bean.

As you know, soy is one of the most demanded legumes since tempeh, tofu or soy drinks are obtained from it.

How is it cooked?

They can be boiled or steamed. The normal thing is to boil it, with 3-5 minutes it would be and they are served with a little coarse salt and lime or lemon. There are also those who put butter and salt on it.

By serving them so hot, the butter melts and is a delicacy. There are also those who put a little spice on them … Any option you can think of is valid . After all, the coverage is not what you eat, but the grain.

In addition to eating them by removing them yourself from the grain, as if they were pipes, you can also manually extract them and add them to a recipe such as poke or add the grains to a salad . With quinoa they work very well.

Are they that good?

They are not a magical superfood . They are what they are: soy beans . They are very high in protein and plant fiber , which are beneficial for both cholesterol and the digestive system.

Where to buy?

The most common is to compare frozen soybean pods, since they have not yet matured. In this way, all its properties are preserved.

I have bought this healthy snack at Mercadona, Carrefour, Alcampo and El Corte Inglés. But it begins to be seen in specialized greengrocers and markets (in Madrid, in Mostenses and Maravillas). I imagine that in a short time it will be common in most supermarkets and department stores.

It is ideal for any time of the day and with which you will give an oriental, exotic and fun touch to your table. Test it.

In summary:

  • They are versatile . You can take them hot and cold, with or without a pod. You can cook them boiled in mainstream mode , baked or grilled depending on what you want to get. There are those who cook them like beans. Type beans with ham but Japanese style.
  • They are healthier than popcorn or pipes and since you can take them cold, you can take them as a healthy snack.
  • They cook super fast . They are very showy, tasty and whenever the maids fall on the fly. No one can resist them.
  • Although it is not a miracle food, its fiber-rich properties are noticeable in the body when included in your diet, since for every 100 grams of edamame we are taking 5 grams of fiber.
  • One very important thing : they have no sugar ! So if you are in the fight against sugar they are your perfect snack.
  • They have a high biological value and do not contain animal fat . All are advantages with these little beans.
  • They are rich in iron and isoflavones (one of the main antioxidants in our body), so soy is a great food source from which to obtain it and thus improve our bone health.

In other words, if you have not tried them yet, go for a bag at the supermarket and get hold of them. Since you discover them they will no longer go unnoticed and you will discover how a granite of soy can have so much so much flavor.

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