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Roasted or baked potatoes

Roasted or baked potatoes


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 280kcal per 100g.

How to prepare roasted potatoes .

Potatoes are perhaps the most widely used accompaniment to our dishes.

A potato gastronomically speaking, it serves everything, fried are exceptional, roasted are perfect and to cook, glorious.

On the blog you can find several accompaniments that succeed, especially Hasselback potatoes and traditional importance potatoes .

All of them with the potatoes my father grows in his garden, in him you have two varieties of potato, the one I like the most is the Kennebec variety. It is the one that I usually use as an all-terrain potato, as in today’s recipe.

A good accompaniment for fish, eggs, meat or on their own, roasted or baked potatoes .

With this recipe we will give them a more special touch in terms of flavor and presentation.

Preparation of roasted potatoes

  1. Spread the oven plate or the container you prefer with olive oil.
  2. We wash the potatoes without peeling, rubbing them well to remove all traces of dirt.
  3. We cut them lengthwise and add salt. We season them with black pepper or paprika.
  4. We add the aromatic herbs that we prefer. We have made a few of each type; In the variety is the spice.
  5. On this occasion we have prepared them with dry spices except for parsley, but if we have them fresh much better.
  6. We place them on the oven plate with the skin up, so that the face with the spices is impregnated in the oil.
  7. We introduce in the oven, already hot, and leave at 180º C for 25-35 minutes (depends on the size of the potatoes).
  8. As they cook, we see how the skin wrinkles a little.
  9. We check that they are ready by pricking them with a toothpick. Their skin is crisp and they detach without resistance from the plate.
  10. We serve them with sauces, for example mayonnaise or a good aioli or garlic oil , even with a little butter and let it melt. (It makes my mouth water just to imagine it)

The result is really showy and very appetizing.

One more within the infinite possibilities of preparation, a healthy recipe, safe and healthy success result that accompanies any type of dish: meat, fish, eggs, etc … can also be taken as an aperitif any day at home with a beer.

Tips for some roast potato chips

  • We can prepare them a little in advance and keep them warm in the oven off covered with silver foil to dry.
  • These potatoes still have very good taste the next day if we reheat them, so they can be very comfortable. They will not be crispy, but they are still very good.
  • Eloisa Mallach comments to me on facebook: “I make them like this open, I make a few squares with the knife and I put salt, extra virgin olive oil, paprika from La Vera and when they are on the table, garlic-oil. Here in Valencia they were formerly called Chops from the garden !! ”
  • In some cases I have told you that I prepare them in the microwave, you can and the result is similar but not the same. If you do not have much time, you will shorten the recipe to about 25 minutes but it will be more cooked than roasted. This already depends on each one, who has to value the time and desire they have. One way or another, yummy!
  • Potatoes have a high percentage of water (75%) and carbohydrates ((16-20%). On the contrary with a low protein content (2.5%) that is just under the skin. Therefore when consumed roasted with the skin, its nutritional value is higher.
  • Potatoes only provide 80 Kcal per 100 g. but their energy value will vary greatly depending on how we cook them. Since they can absorb a lot of fat in their preparation.
  • Cooked or roasted are a practically fat-free food. They also do not contain gluten so they are suitable for celiacs. With this recipe they are very crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. They are really delicious …

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