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Microwave Potatoes

Microwave Potatoes


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 0.3 / person
  • 96kcal per 100g.

How to make potatoes in the microwave .

When we talk about practical, fast and tasty cuisine, we usually refer to one of the least used kitchen appliances, the microwave.

At home we usually prepare this potato recipe many times, not only as a side dish or garnish, with small adaptations also as part of a potato omelette .

Yes, I assure you that an expert taster of tortillas could not distinguish which of them is prepared with micro potatoes or in a traditional way.

The microwave will help cook the potato, but it is not fully cooked because when dehydrated and thanks to olive oil, salt and pepper, the potato acquires a texture between cooking and frying.

A potato with an excellent flavor that sometimes when cooked in water loses, especially if the potato is not of quality.

I comment that they are quick and easy, because the microwave works, not stains and in 10-12 minutes you have the job done.

Just give it the touch of sauce you want, a mayonnaise , a wild sauce or the one you like best to accompany them. It is a perfect recipe for a quick, healthy and delicious dinner.

An accompaniment to a grilled fish or even a quick potato salad , such as some potato seasonings or our beloved free-range salad .

Who dares with them? If you prepare them, I want you to tell me what you think of them, at home they succeed.

Preparing the potatoes in the microwave

  1. We are going to choose the potatoes with which we will prepare the recipe. It is best to buy a potato that is suitable or suitable for cooking.
  2. This time they are garnish potatoes that are all the same size, small.
  3. If you do not have the possibility of a garnish potato we have the option of cooking larger potatoes.
  4. We will have to cut them into segments of the same size, so that all the segments are cooked in the same way.
  5. Either way, we are going to cook them with skin, as we like at home.
  6. We wash the potatoes very well to remove the rest of the earth if it had them and other substances. We dry and we have the potatoes ready to cook.
  7. We cut the 8 garnish potatoes in half, elongated, as you see in the video. Thus they sit perfectly on the surface that we are going to introduce to the micro.
  8. We put them on a baking paper, we are going to make as a package to make it papillote style.
  9. The part that we have cut will go up and the part of the potato with skin down. On the cut surface of the potato we are going to add a little salt and freshly ground black pepper.
  10. The potatoes will be slightly separated and without piling on top of each other. Important so that they all cook equally.
  11. Pour a splash of extra virgin olive oil on top.
  12. In the video you will see that I add very little, thanks to a spray that I usually use to make grilled meat or fish. They sell it in any large surface or stores specialized in kitchenware.
  13. We make a package with the baking paper as you see in the video.
  14. It is super simple, as if it were a small gift package, closing on the sides so they can be steamed and with their own humidity in the micro.

We cook in the micro. Final presentation of potatoes

  1. We put in the microwave and, depending on how many they are, they will take between 10 and 15 minutes.
  2. In my case, 10 minutes have been done perfectly, it depends on your micro, you are going to know it better than I do.
  3. If you need a few more minutes you will see it, you only have to click one of them to see if there is resistance or not and it has the desired texture.
  4. The ideal cooking power is 800 W, which is usually the maximum power. If your microwave does not reach that power, it will simply take more minutes to cook, but they will be just as tasty.
  5. Once ready, remove the potatoes from the microwave and, taking care not to burn yourself, remove the potatoes from the package.
  6. If there is no rush you can let them rest for 5 minutes before removing them, so you will not have problems with the heat.

These potatoes can be used like any other cooked potato, for all kinds of preparations: salads and salads or appetizers … a whole world of possibilities at your fingertips.

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