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How to prepare garlic sauce or garlic oil

How to prepare garlic sauce or garlic oil


  • Hard
  • 30 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 0.2 € / person
  • 702kcal per 100g.

How to make garlic oil or classic aioli .

For some time at home we have already prepared the authentic all i oli, aioli or ajoaceite , I assure you that when you try a banda rice in Denia with this sauce, the rice wins and a lot.

Before the truth, for laziness, although it is worth it, we added 2 garlic cloves to a homemade mayonnaise sauce .  It has its point but it is not, by far, a classic aioli .

If you want to accompany your recipes with this sauce, it costs a little to make it. Although I do not want to put you back when preparing the recipe.

The ones with eggs, mayonnaise-style, make a pee pas but it doesn’t taste the same. The commercial sauces that I have tried do not come close either, their flavor is more powerful, flavorful and at the same time delicate.

The origin of this sauce, like most of them, is disputed by many people. From Andalusia, Sicily, Catalonia, Valencia, Alicante or the Balearic Islands try to dispute the pride of being the inventors of this sauce from which the mayonnaise sauce that we know so well derives .

One of the oldest recipes that dates back to the times of the Egyptians themselves and that has become so famous in some of the regions of the Mediterranean coast.

Already in ancient Egypt this garlic and oil emulsion was served, eventually accompanied with honey. The Roman empire took over and its use expanded throughout the empire.

Mainly through Hispania, Galia and the Itálica peninsula. ” Aillouse ”in France,“ ajiaceite ”in Castile,“ ajoaceite ”in Aragon,“ ajolio ”in all of ancient Spain and ending up being called in the Levantine region“ All i Oli “.

This sauce can be found mixed with walnuts, almonds, milk, eggs, soft cheese or even cured.

Today’s is the classic and most traditional, with garlic, extra virgin olive oil, lemon and a pinch of salt. I hope you dare to prepare it at home, your concept of this sauce will change completely.

Preparation of the aioli sauce

  1. To make this sauce we need a mortar (it must be made of marble or earthenware) to be able to emulsify the garlic. It consists of garlic cloves and coarse salt that are crushed to a paste.
  2. Peel the garlic cloves and crush them in the mortar mixed with a pinch of coarse salt. Garlic should be chopped well with a wooden hammer until a fine paste is obtained.
  3. Then, with one hand, the extra virgin olive oil is slowly poured into the mortar. Always in such a way that a fine fine thread falls, without stopping moving.
  4. With the other hand, mix the mixture with the mace on the mortar without stopping. Always in the same direction of rotation. Little by little the olive oil will link with the garlic and will gradually increase in volume.
  5. In the end it will be like a thick cream that remains compact even when we tilt the mortar.
  6. Add the olive oil little by little, binding it well before adding more. In this way we achieve the desired paste.

What if the aioli is cut?

  1. In case the sauce is cut we should empty the content of the mortar into a cup. We clean the container well and we repeat the preparation operation.
  2. You can finish by adding a little lemon juice so that it was more creamy, as you see in the photo. I am not going to deceive you, it has its science but it is worth trying.
  3. You can also use the mixer and a container adapted to it for mixing.
  4. However, the most artisan way to do it is manually with the marble or earthenware mortar and the wooden hammer. Just as our ancestors did.

Aioli sauce really is an amazing sauce. Since it combines well with dry rice, grilled meats, vegetables, fish, rice and boiled or fried potatoes .

Be sure to enjoy all the recipes we have on the blog to prepare the tastiest sauces and accompany all our dishes.

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