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Duchess potatoes

Duchess potatoes


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.8 € / person

How to prepare duchess potatoes . If there is an accompaniment or garnish par excellence, at least in my house, that is the potatoes . Also being as I am from a land where they are cultivated and obtained of a superior quality, it could not be otherwise. I like almost all potato recipes , in every possible way, cooked, fried, roasted, stewed, braised and, of course, mashed.

Today’s recipe is a variation of a simple mashed potato, it is duchess potatoes, from the French pommes duchesse . They are a creation of the most classic French cuisine, a mashed potato enriched with egg yolk and seasoned with black pepper. The most striking thing about these potatoes is not so much the recipe itself as its presentation. The usual thing is to prepare them as if it were a flower, with the help of a pastry bag and a star nozzle you get small, delicate and elegant bites.

Surely it is a somewhat bombastic or outdated way of preparing a special mashed potato . I am of the opinion that the classic is not the same as the outdated. These duchess potatoes will surely be the garnish of any of the dishes that you prepare for these holidays. As an accompaniment to a Wellington sirloin or a round of roast beef , they will make the perfect combination.

In addition to being stylish and original, these potatoes are an exquisite snack . The egg yolk that is included in its preparation gives it a soft and delicate touch. It is all a matter of imagination and the desire to have fun in the kitchen, so here is a tasty and fun recipe, ideal as a garnish rather than elegant.

Preparation of the duchess potato dough

  1. We wash the potatoes well and cook them without peeling in plenty of salted water.
  2. We cook the potatoes until we see that when pricked they are soft. The cooking time will depend a little on the size of the potatoes, but it will be around 15 or 20 minutes. We will cook the potatoes with skin to prevent them from puddling with water during cooking. Excess water will affect the texture of the mash we want to achieve.
  3. Once we have the cooked potatoes, drain them and remove the skin.
  4. Crush them with a fork or puree and add the butter. We continue mashing the potatoes until we have eliminated any lumps and the butter has been perfectly integrated.
  5. Check and rectify salt and add black pepper to taste.
  6. We separate the white from the yolk of one of the eggs and add the yolk to the potatoes.
  7. We stir well until we have a uniform cream.

Baking and final presentation of Duchess potatoes

  1. In a pastry bag we place a star-shaped nozzle. The nozzle has to be quite large, otherwise the mash could get trapped and make it difficult to exit through a small hole.
  2. Fill the sleeve with the mashed potato. If we do not have a pastry bag or a nozzle, we can use a plastic bag with one of its corners cut off.
  3. The piles will be different, without the starry drawing but it would be perfectly fine.
  4. On a baking sheet we place a sheet of parchment paper. Which will facilitate the subsequent removal of the potatoes.
  5. With the pastry bag we are making piles directly on the paper. And we paint each one with beaten egg.
  6. With the oven previously heated to 200º C, we introduce the baking tray and set the grill option.
  7. Duchess potatoes are ready the moment we see that they are golden brown, in 2 or 3 minutes.

These potatoes are an ideal accompaniment for both meat and fish. Especially on key dates, when we want to prepare dishes for guests that are beautiful as well as rich.

This way of preparing some potatoes as an accompaniment I am sure will be a success.

Tips and advice for a duchess of yummy potatoes

  • We can also experiment and try to adapt them slightly, we will get even more original duchess potatoes. I’m thinking that if we add a pinch of cheese sprinkled on each one. When it comes to gratinating them, the result can be even better.
  • It also goes very well if, in addition to the black pepper, we add a pinch of nutmeg, it will give it a different touch.
  • They are a perfect accompaniment to many Christmas recipes. We can prepare the puree the day before and put it in the refrigerated pastry bag in the fridge. We just have to take it out and bake on Christmas day, perfect to avoid wasting time in the kitchen.

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