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Pancakes stuffed with hake do pincho

Pancakes stuffed with hake do pincho


  • Half
  • 45 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 3.2 € / person
  • 317kcal per 100g.

How to make pancakes stuffed with hake do pincho . Today I present you a surprising, tasty, fresh and very suggestive fish recipe . A filloas perfect to surprise, because its extra crispy hake stuffed bears on the outside and juicy inside.

There are many ways to prepare this fish and in this case I have given it a crispy touch with a tempura that is very easy to prepare.

In addition to wrapping the hake and leaving it very juicy, we managed to play with the crispy and tasty interior of the hake. A perfect filling for these pancakes.

The place chosen to record the video and prepare this recipe could not be more appropriate, to Lonxa de Burela . With views of the sea and a bit of sea breeze, we prepare these pancakes stuffed with the highest quality product, hake do pincho .

It is thanks to the previous work of many people, many names of people that make it possible for them to have the best product in our trusted fishmonger. And especially to those who help to get to know their work, the Organization of Fish Producers of Lugo .

I leave you the recipe for a variation of the classic pancakes, between traditional and milk. We have included water in the pan crust to give it more crispness and resistance.

We could say that this recipe for  frixuelos , freixós, marrucho or pancakes  that you know for sure as a dessert, is also a perfect way to fill with something salty, as in this case, with hake do pincho.

They can take as many forms as you can imagine. I hope you like them.

Preparation of the sweetheart or cream for the pancakes

  1. The paste-cream is quite easy to prepare. Pour milk, water, flour, a pinch of salt and eggs into a bowl.
  2. Sometimes we can use instead of water and milk, cooked broth for its elaboration. In this recipe you have the most traditional pancakes .
  3. Mix everything with the mixer without lumps. Let it rest for an hour so that it finishes thickening although the cream must be loose.
  4. At this time the flour will “open”, we should have a thick but easy to handle cream.
  5. Once the resting time has passed, we put a non-stick frying pan on the fire and spread it with the pork bacon or sprinkle with a few drops of olive oil.
  6. The real ones would be with lean bacon, but not everyone has it at home. It can be done with a few drops of oil, for each pan a few drops.

Preparation of the pancakes

  1. Mix the pancake mixture well and add 1 tablespoon of the mixture to the pan, when it is very hot.
  2. Depending on the size of the pan, we will add more or less quantity. We should have a thin layer. Rotating the pan we spread the filling over the entire surface and return it to the fire.
  3. We keep the pancake on the fire until it is golden on the bottom. We will know this because the edges begin to separate from the pan and bubbles will have formed on its surface.
  4. We lift one of the corners and turn the pan. Let it cook for a minute or two on this second side and remove.
  5. We must be at all times controlling the temperature of the pan. It should not be excessively hot so that it does not burn, but it must be hot enough to brown it.
  6. If the fork is not good you can use the trick of turning the pan with a plate. It is as we usually do with the potato omelette , as you get practice it will no longer be necessary.
  7. Before starting with a new pancake, we must smear the pan with the bacon again.
  8. We are placing the pancakes on top of each other as we prepare them. We will already have our plate full of pancakes ready to fill. We reserve.

Preparation of the crispy skewer hake

  1. Mix the flour in a bowl with very very cold water and mix very well. Add the yeast (optional), salt and two ice cubes. We continue whisking with a fork. Ice is very important, since the mixture has to be very cold, almost freezing. The cold-hot contrast with the skillet will make the hake very crisp.
  2. We prepare a frying pan with extra virgin olive oil and put it to heat.
  3. Think that the amount of oil must cover at least half of the piece of hake. The oil will depend on the pan you use, its size and depth.
  4. We cut the loin of hake do pincho into small sticks about 2.5 cm wide (the length I leave at your whim). The pieces should not be very thick, to prevent the fish from being raw inside when frying it.
  5. Add a little salt to the cod and coat it in tempura style dough. Then we pass them to the pan that will already have the hot oil and let them cook over medium-high heat, until the soldiers are golden.
  6. Let the excess oil drain on kitchen paper and fill the pancakes with a few pieces of crispy hake and lamb’s lettuce to taste.
  7. We can give it a sweet touch with a few strips of Galician honey. I assure you that it is delicious.

Here you have a step by step in photos where I show how to prepare this recipe for pancakes stuffed with hake do pincho .  Do not miss any detail so that they are perfect for you and enjoy a great time with family or friends.

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