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Mushrooms in tempura

Mushrooms in tempura


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 0.4 € / person
  • 340kcal per 100g.

How to make tempura battered mushrooms .

In this recipe I have used thistle mushrooms  that we can find throughout the year in the markets.

It is not known for sure if this frying technique came to Japan from Europe. What we do know is that the word tempura is Latin, from the Portuguese “ tempero ” (condiment) and that the Jesuit missionaries arrived in Nagasaki (city founded by the Portuguese in the year 1569) introduced the custom of taking fish and vegetables with this frying in waking times .

I am sure they ate well even if they did not get many faithful in these lands, although in 1630 Japan isolates itself from the world and a fierce persecution ends all the priests.

Although some Japanese chefs trace their origins to Marco Polo’s arrival in China, this is highly unlikely. Frying food at that time was not common, since edible oils were very expensive and preparations were not used for this type.

Be that as it may, Portuguese, Italian or Spanish, it is clear that from the Mediterranean countries we have contributed to the gastronomic history of Japan.

The success of the tempura is the softness of the dough, much less oily than other batters, nothing to do with the Orly pasta batter or the Raincoat that we see at typical wedding parties.

Before, it was difficult to make a perfect tempura because you had to know the exact measurement of ingredients and it did not always look good. Imagination to power for a perfect frying.

Preparation of tempura for mushrooms

  1. We wash the mushrooms very well, dry with absorbent paper and season with salt and pepper. I usually add a touch of ground cayenne to give it a spicy point, although you can skip it.
  2. In Japan they do not usually add salt because they accompany the tempura with soy sauce, another option that goes well with this type of frying.
  3. If we are not going to prepare them at the moment, I advise you to put them in the fridge until just before the batter so that they are firmer when passing them through the tempura.
  4. We prepare the tempura batter in a bowl that we have previously cooling in the fridge, if it is metal better.
  5. Beat an egg in the bowl and add the cold water. We mix well.
  6. Add the tempura flour (if necessary, sift) and mix with the help of some rods. When the cream is ready, pour a touch of vodka, stir. We should have a smooth liquid cream.
  7. We add the whole mushrooms in the cream, cover and we can only fry in very hot oil. The batter left with this mixture is very fine and semi-transparent.
  8. The trick is to always use ice or ice water (as in the video below), even soda or sparkling water. Because it always lightens the batter.

Frying mushrooms in tempura

  1. To fry we will use extra virgin olive oil to which we will add two tablespoons of sesame oil.
  2. If you do not like the strong flavor of this type of oil, simply use sunflower oil or a mild olive oil, although the point of sesame oil is excellent.
  3. If we increase the proportion of sesame oil we get more flavor and color. Remember that thistle mushrooms have little flavor.
  4. We fry when the oil is very hot (at 180º C), in several batches so that its temperature does not drop.
  5. Once we take them out of the frying pan, drain the mushrooms in absorbent paper and bring them to the table immediately to make the most of the crisp.
  6. We accompany with a little aioli or mayonnaise on each plate so that each one distributes it to their liking.

A delicious appetizer or starter that combines a crispy texture with all the flavor of mushrooms. The best of Japan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Here you have a step by step in photos where I show how to prepare this mushroom recipe in tempura . Do not miss any detail so that it comes out perfect.

Tips for some yummy tempura mushrooms

  • The water in the mixture must be very cold, we can even add some ice cubes to cool it even more. It is essential to make it super crunchy when pouring it in the very hot oil.
  • Now you can find in any supermarket special flours for this type of batter. The possibilities it gives are endless, you can bathe a multitude of vegetables, meats and seafood.
  • Thousand ideas to batter monkfish, prawns, prawns, squid, scallops, pork strips, aubergines, peppers, chives, asparagus, squash, zucchini or these thistle mushrooms.
  • If we do not have tempura flour. We can use well-sifted normal wheat flour and mix it 50% with starch or corn flour.
  • Remember that we have to serve them freshly fried, because we want the crispy to remain, even if you are not anxious, that you can burn.
  • For the accompaniment, my recommendation is a homemade aioli. María Picheleira tells me about her suggestion on Facebook to give the allioli that point of tuning: “I add some oregano to the aioli and it is… great! and if I want it to be very spicy then a little bit of black pepper or chilli.

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