How to buy if you are on a diet

Recommendations to go to the supermarket or the store when you have just put on a diet.

How many times has it happened to you? You make your list of essential things you need at home. 80% of your list are healthy products and ingredients to start that diet and lose the kilos you have caught at parties.

You go into the supermarket with the mission of buying only that list with the healthiest and most indispensable … but, without knowing how or why, you end up in the box, with the cart full of unhealthy ingredients and various bullshit that you don’t know how they ended up with. there.

Well today’s article is going to help you go shopping and not be torture. Choose the foods that can contribute to your goal of losing weight and changing habits, and forget about those temptations that can make our goal fail.

We give you our recommendations to make a good purchase when you want to lose weight . There will be no more excuses for smart and healthy grocery shopping.

“Buy what is necessary, not what is convenient” 

The following ingredients must be present on your shopping list

    • Look for fresh, unprocessed food. Buy the version that is most real of those you like.
    • Food labels are confusing, but you know, the main ingredient, at the top of the list, less than 5 ingredients.
    • If you buy turkey … What percentage do you have of turkey meat? 60%, or 80%? What is everything else? You can always, roast a turkey breast while watching your favorite series and then cut it into thin slices.
    • The same happens with York ham . The ones sold at the delicatessen are similar, usually. That one day you eat them, it’s not bad. But be aware and choose the foods that play in your favor in your goal of losing weight.
    • The pat é s , normally go to the list of ultraprocesados … Better a humus home or pate
    • If you are looking for a wholemeal bread , do not settle for just anyone. If the first ingredient is wheat flour, you better find another that is truly whole.
    • If you want chocolate , it has more than 70% cocoa.
    • The mayonnaise , best homemade, with extra virgin olive oil.
    • Milk and rennet … that’s cheese .
    • The preserves are usually on your side. Avoid flavor enhancers.
    • The cups rice or quinoa can be a good ace in the hole in case you want to take them to work. Of course, nothing like doing it at home.
    • It is not that you buy BIO products, but that they are real or minimally processed (cut, washed and frozen, for example). Read the labels.

Don’t forget about fruit and vegetables

  • With the cold, they are seasonal the avocados , so you can incorporate them into your dishes or make it a guacamole for snacks or between meals.
  • The persimmon and quinces are seasonal. You also have citrus fruits like lemon, the grapefruit, the orange or tangerine . You should eat the whole piece of fruit to take advantage of its nutrients and fiber.
  • The apples are very versatile when cooking or give a touch crunchy salad and can be a way to incorporate fruit into your diet.
  • The grapes and pineapple , of course, natural. Remember, the closer to the plant, the better.
  • Take advantage of the fact that it is tomato season and eliminate the fried tomato rooms that you have bought in the supermarket. Check their label, you may be surprised with the amount of sugar they carry.
  • Some clams with artichokes can give you a taste and you would be taking advantage of the fact that the artichokes are in season. The eggplant , too. Just like pumpkin , spinach and chard; the asparagus and the zucchini .
  • Also celery, lettuce and endive. Beans, leeks and beets, potatoes and carrots , among others.

Only read certain that you have come up a lot of salsa s and creams to make and keep warm . If you want, get inspired by our cookbook you will find thousands of recipes.

Of course, cook at home as much as you can . It is a way to save money and have more control over what you eat. Look for quick options if you don’t have time.

And make an extra serving to make a tupper and take it to work or freeze it for dinner. It takes the same time to heat up your food as an ultra-processed plate. But the consequences for your body are different.

“The important thing is that you are consistent and learn to eat well”

If you do, you will feel better. Enjoy the ride.

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