How to stop obesity. Laws, diet and exercise

What is holding back obesity

The obesity is one of the most important global health problems and is not something we have invented us, is something that is on everyone ‘s lips health forums internationally.

In Finland and Norway they have already taken a series of measures that are proving very effective in obesity in the elderly and children.

This does not catch us new. We have been playing Swedish with this for years until the problem begins to explode in our faces.

The strategy in these last twenty years they have been simple and unreal. Programs are created and developed, campaigns are launched to curb the problem, but at the moment of truth they have been more actions facing the gallery.

How are they doing it?

In Finland they started this initiative in the early 70s and Norway has reduced the consumption of sugar per capita by 43 kilos between 2000 and 2018.

Some of the measures with which this has been achieved are: 

  • Increase taxes on sweet foods and knickknacks by 87% (in our country it is sometimes even cheaper).
  • Increase by 42% the tax on soft drinks of all kinds, including zero or lights drinks.
  • Legislate the advertising of these products and control compliance with said laws.

For all this, the overweight figures are much lower than ours (almost half), in fact, according to a health survey, about 55% of Spanish adults of both sexes are overweight or obese. In Norway this figure is less than 25% .

At children’s level

Obesity problems in children are as important if not more than in adults , which is why it has been more than nine years since Finland started a pilot program to fight this problem that affected almost 20% of five-year-olds. 

The results showed that five years later, the child population reduced their obesity to 10% thanks mainly to physical activity and nutrition.

In Finland they started by improving urban planning to change schoolyards as a method that helps improve physical activity.

On the other hand, they redesigned the school menu, providing healthier options with less sugar. They planned free annual medical checkups.

They created nutrition education campaigns for parents. They regulated from the administration the publicity of foods directed to children and imposed a higher tax rate (which they have maintained I have been increasing until now to alleviate this problem).

We know that, right? …

Balance diet

Well, I think it is clear, in addition to these external aids, you have to be clear that the first thing is to think of yourself and act now. Stop, I’ll do it … think about it, your health and your life will thank you.

From Rechupete Recipes we have it clear and for a few months we have been publishing very varied recipes where the reduction of calories is clear. We are advising how to make your weekly menu , in the form of batch cooking if you do not have time, even how to buy well so as not to fall into the temptation of processed food.

If you cook at home you have a lot of work , you will not fall into the ultra-processed food, I am sure. And little by little when you know how to cook, you will climb a small step to cook better and healthier.

To prevent obesity there are 2 fundamental pillars, one is a balanced diet and the other is physical exercise .

Physical exercise. Move the skeleton

Eat well and with a balanced diet. It is easy but sometimes we are not aware that low calorie foods like fruits and vegetables are very important, a safe value to eat every day and lose weight without noticing it. We have to complete our diet with foods rich in protein, carbohydrates and fats.

A sedentary person should not exceed 2000 Kcal a day and with exercise 2500 Kcal a day.

The ideal is to eat 5 meals a day, eat slowly, chew very well, and always use small plates and complete our day-to-day with physical exercise. Get the time where you can, but one hour a day we have it, even if it is on foot.

Physical exercise should be on a regular basis, at least 4 days a week, and the minimum can be 45 minutes of walking light, inviting to sweat and costing you a little. I don’t know if the 10,000 steps a day rule works or not, but what I am sure is that it is better to walk 10,000 steps a day than none.

You can go up or down stairs from home, work, office or subway. Running, cycling, swimming, … or whatever occurs to move.


I believe that although this type of law is not approved in our country, part of the responsibility lies with ourselves, constantly educating and re-educating ourselves and doing the same with the youngest members of the family.

We already know that among the things that we should avoid are, of course, ultra-processed foods, vending machine foods, saturated fats and industrial pastries.

But we must also be especially careful with products sold as vegetarian or vegan (which are nothing more than a source of empty calories), with soft drinks, with sugar in general and with foods rich in fats, even if they are good. in particular.

Get over yourself and set goals that you will gradually overcome. Being healthy does not depend on how much you walk daily but on the habits you have acquired. Modifying them is in your hands. Strive, eat a good diet, train a few minutes daily and everything will be better.

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