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Guinness chocolate cake. St. Patrick’s Recipe

Guinness chocolate cake. St. Patrick's Recipe


  • Half
  • 75 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.8 € / person
  • 315kcal per 100g.

How to make a chocolate Guinness cake .

I recommend a perfect dessert recipe to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day or Saint Patrick’s Day today.

It’s the perfect sweet touch to pair with a delicious beef stew with stout or rivals the perfect Irish pancakes or pancakes for snacks.

You may not like beer, even you like beer but you don’t like dark beer, but what I assure you is that in any case you will like this cake:  Guinness Chocolate Cake or Guinness Stout Chocolate Cake .

It is a cake whose name deceives, since it is soft and does not taste at all like beer. The Guinness brings a dense and moist texture to the cake, as well as an enhancement of the chocolate flavor, but the flavor of the beer is not appreciated as might be expected.

In addition, the aesthetics of this cake try to emulate the appearance of a Guinness pint , the black body with the sponge cake and the dense white foam represented by the frosting of sugar, cream and cheese spread.

But the best thing about the cake is that it is really easy to make. The recipe is from Nigella Lawson, a very popular British chef cook with simple and attractive recipes.

It happens to this cake like a good stew, it is much better from one day to the next. If we take it freshly made, it offers a very smooth flavor, which transforms as the hours pass into a delicious density, almost like a chocolate brownie  with the counterpoint of frosting.

I can tell you that the frosting in cakes and cupcakes I usually put aside, I do not like the taste of a classic cake, but in this case it is not cloying.

Give it a chance, it is the perfect touch to complete this cake, impossible to do without it if we want to enjoy it in all its splendor. Perfect for a special day, why not celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day?

Cheese frosting preparation

  1. We start assembling the cream or milk cream. In Spain it is bought as whipping cream.
  2. For those of you who read to me from other places, know that it is also called whipping cream, chantilly cream, double cream or whipping cream .
  3. We are going to need 300 ml of liquid cream to assemble that has a high fat content (35.1% MG) and half the sugar, about 75 g of sugar.
  4. I use the mixer with the electric rods accessory. It is more comfortable than with manual rods, although it can be done both ways.
  5. We will use a large bowl, if it is cold much better. Like the cream or milk cream that must come out of the fridge.
  6. We put the cold cream in the bowl and beat until it goes liquid to a kind of cream, with a little foam. This process will take us 3-4 minutes, nothing more.
  7. Once we have reached this kind of dense liquid cream. Add the sugar, if it is glass better, and beat until it reaches almost solid state. Easy, right? I assure you that with the trick of the cold it comes out perfect. We reserve.
  8. Mix the cream cheese and sugar with any electric mixer until you get a smooth, homogeneous cream and without any lumps.
  9. Then we will add the whipped cream and mix with smooth movements until both ingredients are well integrated.
  10. We will get a slightly creamy cream that we will put on the cake when it is cold.
  11. We reserve in the fridge until final assembly.

Preparation of the dark beer sponge cake

  1. We put the black beer in a pot to heat over medium heat, without boiling.
  2. When it is hot we add the butter cut into pieces and we move it until it melts completely. We remove from the fire and reserve.
  3. In a bowl we put the cocoa, the sugar, the flour and the bicarbonate.
  4. Mix until all the ingredients are well linked and of a uniform color.
  5. In another bowl, we put the liquid cream, the eggs and the liquid vanilla and mix with a manual whisk until we have a uniform mixture.
  6. Next we add the contents of the pot, the beer with the butter, and mix it again until well integrated.
  7. Once we have the finished liquid mixture, we incorporate it into the dry ingredients.
  8. With some rods we mix it with energy until we get a uniform mass and without lumps. It will be quite liquid, do not panic like this, then it solidifies and we obtain a magnificent juicy and moist texture.
  9. We pass the dough to a greased mold.

Baking the Guinness cake

  1. The oven must be preheating to 180º C (temperature up and down with air) 10 minutes before introducing the cake.
  2. We put the mold in the middle tray of the oven. The cooking time will be approximately between 45-50 minutes, or until we prick it with a fork and see that it comes out clean.
  3. When the cake takes 20 minutes in the oven (it will be seen that it already has a little crust, which begins to curdle) we put a little bit of aluminum foil to cover the surface and prevent it from burning.
  4. The last 5-8 minutes we leave it uncovered so that it catches color.
  5. Once the time has elapsed, we take out the cake and let it cool.

Presentation and tasting of the Guinness cake

  1. We add the coverage by applying on the cake a thick layer as uniform as possible of the already prepared frosting.
  2. We will keep the cake in the fridge and take it out about 15 minutes before your guests arrive.
  3. You can also make petit fours or individual portions using small molds.

You can see all the photos of the step by step of this Guiness cake in this album.

Tips for a Guinty tart of tart

  • To whip the cream, it must be very cold. Why cold? The cream is fat and with the heat it loses consistency, if it is not cold it will be difficult for it to rise as we want, if it rises. The ideal temperature is around 10º C.
  • For this dessert, it is best to use the Guinness brand, which is used a lot in the kitchen for its special texture, if you can’t find it, use a light black beer. I’ve tried some other brand, and the flavor varies a bit.
  • I recommend using a removable mold, in this case 23 cm. x cm. The best for these types of cakes, especially since when you carry the built-in ceramic plate you just have to unmold and you’re done.
  • Once the base cake of the Guiness tart is baked, we let it cool in the pan for at least one hour. To later pass it to the plate where we are going to present it.
  • The first thing that surprises about this Guinness cake is the almost black color of the cake, the second, its fluffy touch.
  • I warn you that it is a very calorie cake, since it has a large amount of sugar to compensate for the bitter taste of the beer.
  • You have to hurry if you want to repeat a portion, since it is very tasty, and the most gluttonous are thrown onto the plate with greed. Enjoy it!

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