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Friar ears with honey

Friar ears with honey


  • Easy
  • 20 minutes
  • For 6 people
  • 0.2 € / person
  • 322kcal per 100g.

How to make monk ears with honey .

Today I bring you one of those dessert recipes that, in addition to not being easier, I found it super entertaining to prepare, I am talking about the friar’s ears .

As a Galician I am, if you tell me about ears , I think of that carnival dessert , so traditional, the ears, flakes or orellas . The reality is that today’s recipe tells us about a dessert that has a lot to do with that from my land.  

It is prepared at Carnival, it is a fried dough and it is delicious, so far the similarities.

As differences many others, it is a sweet that I know that it is prepared in Castilla la Mancha, I do not know if in any other community, it has a liquid consistency and that after frying it ends up looking like a real ear, hence its name.

With ingredients that we surely all have at home, eggs, milk, flour and sugar, we can prepare these friar ears that have zero difficulty. We only have to take into account a couple of points during frying, which is the original of this recipe.

I encourage you to prepare one of the  most famous Carnival and Easter desserts , as fast as it is tasty, which will be perfect sprinkled with sugar or, even better, with a drizzle of honey.

Preparation of the cream of the friar’s ears

  1. In a bowl we mix all the ingredients except the honey that we will use to accompany the ears.
  2. We beat well with some rods until we eliminate the lumps that the flour could form. A cream with a slightly dense texture should remain. What is necessary so that when introducing a spoon it is impregnated with the liquid.
  3. Pour the mixture into a tall, narrow container to make the following process easier for us.
  4. In a saucepan we heat plenty of oil to fry.
  5. I am in favor of using sunflower oil for this type of frying since, in addition to being more economical, it will not add flavor to the result.
  6. Although you can use a mild extra virgin olive oil, which is healthier for this type of frying.

Frying and presentation of the monk’s ears with honey

  1. While the oil is heating, we introduce a tablespoon into the oil so that it acquires temperature.
  2. At that time we pass the spoon to the container with the mixture. We introduce it to the point where the spoon begins to narrow.
  3. If we dip the spoon up higher, then at the time of frying it will be very difficult for the ear to come off.
  4. It is essential that the spoon is very hot each time so that the mixture remains adhered.
  5. Transfer the spoon soaked in the cream to the saucepan with hot oil. We will see how in a few seconds the cream will curdle and begin to loosen.
  6. We can help to detach it with a fork or tweezers if at any time any of the ears resist.
  7. We fry the friar’s ears for a few minutes on each side. We remove to absorbent paper.
  8. We serve the ears watered with honey or sprinkled with icing sugar.
  9. We will have a traditional and tasty Lenten dessert, prepared quickly and very economically.

You can see in this step by step how to prepare this recipe for ears or flakes with honey  that you will surely repeat at home over and over again.

Tips for Crabby Friar Ears

  • By mixing the ingredients we will get a slightly thick cream due to the flour. To form the ears all we need is a soup spoon. While the oil is heating we also heat the spoon. Thus, when immersed in the mixture, it will remain attached.
  • We quickly pass the wet spoon to the very hot oil. In a matter of seconds we will see how the dough comes off the walls of the spoon to form this original dessert.
  • To ensure that the dough comes off we have to be careful not to dip the spoon beyond the point where it begins to narrow.
  • If we pass the dough it will close and you will not want to leave. Another point to consider is the consistency of the mix. It has to be enough for it to stick lightly to the spoon. But not so much that it forms a paste, a light cream.

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