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Squid sandwich

Squid sandwich


  • Easy
  • 20 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.4 € / person
  • 320kcal per 100g.

How to make a squid sandwich .

The success of a squid sandwich lies in the fried chipis and the quality of the bread with which we serve the sandwich.

Sometimes the simplest recipes are the best, this dish is a classic in many bars in Madrid, where we can find the famous squid sandwich , but which gradually rivals the squid sandwich . For my taste with more flavor and crisp, being smaller.

An easy recipe that goes in the form of a sandwich, but it is a perfect joker since it can be used as an aperitif (since I explain all the frying secrets) accompanied by a touch of lemon or lime. Also to eat luxury or a quick dinner, because if we have the baby squid clean, they are done in 15 minutes of nothing.

A way to enjoy another of Madrid’s tapas, rivaling the Russian salad , croquettes , tripe a la Madrilenian , some delicious pavia soldiers , the traditional  anchovies in vinegar  or the  potato omelette … a part of the famous Madrid tapas.

And it is that the squid or squid sandwich (small squid) is an icon of Madrid fast food . Strolling through the center of Madrid produces an irrepressible desire to sink your teeth into this “sandwich of this tasty cephalopod”.

And for those who do not know what the squid are, we are talking about a txipirón in the Basque Country or small squid in the rest of Spain.

Although now the word ” baby squid ” was imposed throughout Spain, always to designate the small squid , until, lately, all squid are called either squid or squid . Whatever the word to call the squid, I assure you that this sandwich is to make it a temple.

Before starting. Squid cleaning

  1. We begin by cleaning the squid well. If your / or fishmonger / or helps you much better. Although it is a very simple cleaning.
  2. To do this, we separate the body of the tentacles that we reserve for another recipe, for example for a pasta dish or to fill some peppers.
  3. We wash the bodies and turn them around, leaving the interior on the outside and vice versa, as if it were a sock.
  4. So we can clean the inside of each one well. We remove possible remains of dirt, dirt or viscera.
  5. We drain the bodies well and cut the baby squid into rings of the thickness that you like the most.
  6. Keep in mind that they shrink a lot with frying, so it should not be too thin. We cut them about 1 cm thick.
  7. We salt to taste. We reserve before frying. They must be moist before battering so that the flour sticks well to the baby squid.

Frying baby squid

  1. Heat abundant oil in a small deep pan.
  2. We coat the baby squid in the special flour for frying, that they are well covered, then we pass through a strainer, hitting the sides of this so that they release the excess flour.
  3. We fry at high temperature. The temperature of the oil must be around 180º C. We can allow it to be a little higher, but not lower. The lower the temperature, the more oil the baby squid take and the less tender they are.
  4. We do it in small batches so that the oil does not cool down and we are too fatty. Oil drops usually fry when frying, be careful not to burn yourself, no children in the kitchen.
  5. We remove the fried squid with a slotted spoon and place them inside the buns that we will have prepared. Previously cut lengthwise, without draining or anything like that.

Final presentation of the squid sandwich

  1. The bread must be toasted whole and open to fill just before serving the sandwich.
  2. This way it stays tender and juicy inside while contrasting with a crisp exterior.
  3. One of the most wonderful things about this sandwich is the touch of oil that the bread takes with the fried squid. So let’s not deprive ourselves of it.

But what we cannot stop doing is to sink the tooth into “the one of ya” because this sandwich is not the same if you eat cold.

I encourage you to try making them at home, the result is impressive. You can see all the photos of the step by step of this squid sandwich   in this album.

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