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Grandmother’s Sweet Donuts Hermitas

Grandmother's Sweet Donuts Hermitas


  • Easy
  • 45 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • 0.4 € / person
  • 350kcal per 100g.

How to make some sweet donuts . The dessert recipes are without a doubt the ones you like the most, and also the requests by mail for different donuts.

Several of you have sometimes sent me a recipe to try and I have decided to try the one Noelia sent me, that of her grandmother Hermitas.

His donuts, as he said, always triumph in all celebrations, as it is the star dessert of his family. They have prepared them for 2 generations and now all of you can enjoy this recipe.

And the truth is that everything he told me was true, they are almost perfect donuts. Some donuts with a grandmothering touch, with a touch of my grandmother Lucrecia’s donuts that you have on the blog and which are yummy.

I have had to try to make them 2 times, because the recipe went with some eye, the issue of weighing the flour I think is a problem for all grandmothers, the flour, which I admit I do not take very well. So with this new adaptation they will be delicious and perfect the first time, just as I have prepared at home.

A dessert, one of the famous fried sweets that I like the most in Spanish confectionery, does not leave anything oily, with a lot of flavor, with a light syrup and with a slight citrus and anise flavor. I assure you that they will be as good as the classic anise donuts  or the cream donuts that you already know. 

Preparation of the donut dough

  1. We wash and grate the orange and the lemon (we can do a quick blanching in very hot water), without reaching the white part, only superficially.
  2. We beat the eggs with the sugar until they foam, that they are mounted a little. Add the dry anise, the pinch of salt and the zest of the citrus. We beat everything very well until it is integrated.
  3. Add the extra virgin olive oil and beat again until the oil is mixed.
  4. We combine baking powder or chemical yeast with the pastry flour. In a large bowl, we sift the flour with the yeast and pour it onto the counter like a volcano.
  5. In the center you put the liquid elements that we have previously mixed and we begin to knead until we get a dough that sticks but is manageable.
  6. We can smear our hands with oil to better handle the dough, but only a little. We also don’t want to add more oil than necessary to the dough.
  7. We prepare a ball with the dough and wrap it in plastic transparent film. Let it sit in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Donut preparation and frying

  1. After the resting time of the dough. Touch the funniest part of the recipe, shape our donuts. Spread extra virgin olive oil on the counter and hands.
  2. We make some balls the size of a golf ball, more or less all the same, about 30 balls come out. This is the easiest way since we will only have to open a hole in the center with the help of our fingers. In this way you will ensure that they are all the same and very fluffy.
  3. If you want them crunchier, you can make finer churritos of dough as if it were modeling clay and join them at the ends. I leave to your choice the shape that you like the most. We reserve for frying.

Frying the donuts

  1. We put on the fire a frying pan with plenty of sunflower oil or extra soft virgin olive oil. In it we are going to do the frying, they will be our famous donuts.
  2. One trick to flavor the oil is to fry two long strips of lemon peel (with no white fruit, just the skin) in the oil at low temperature. We leave them in the oil for 10 minutes at low temperature, 2 out of 10 points of induction temperature is enough. We remove the lemon peels from the sunflower oil.
  3. We fry the donuts being very careful not to burn them. It is important because after all the work we do not want them to pass us or stay raw inside. The oil that we have in the pan we put it over medium heat without it getting to smoke.
  4. We fry in batches of no more than 6 donuts, so that the oil does not get too cold. Don’t be scared if they fall to the bottom, they rise again, because with the temperature they get a little fat.
  5. Be careful with the oil, it is good that it is hot, but that it does not smoke or it will burn. Halfway through the process if we see that it is very dark (due to the excess of flour) we should change it for a batch of clean oil (do not throw it away, it will serve you for other preparations).
  6. When they are gilded on both sides. We place them on absorbent kitchen paper to remove excess oil. Let them cool and reserve for the glaze.

Preparation of the syrup and final glaze of the donuts

Once cold we have two options

  • Sprinkle them with icing sugar or regular white sugar, place sugar on a plate and coat the donut in the sugar so that it adheres, from here to a source or directly to the mouth.
  • The other option is to glaze them with a soft syrup, topped with sugar. We simply make a syrup in a saucepan. Where we usually prepare milk in the morning with the ingredients of the recipe and let it reduce.
  • We pass all the donuts wetting on both sides, this will make a crust and keep them in good condition a lot of time. We put them on a baking tray or on the counter, and after a while we reposition them so that they do not stick before the sugar dries.

I assure you that the result is fantastic, delicious, of course. If you still do not have it clear, I leave you a step by step in photos of this recipe for donuts . Do not miss any detail.

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