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Donuts of Candil

Donuts of Candil


  • Easy
  • 40 minutes
  • For 10 people
  • € 0.3 / person
  • 367kcal per 100g.

How to make Donuts from Candil . If you are looking for a recipe for homemade donuts , very fluffy, easy and delicious, look no further, here you will find the answer.

This sweet recipe is the combination of the old fried donuts and the wind fritters . A great combination to get very light, aromatic and perfect donuts for coffee. On the blog you will find many variants of the rosquillero world, in each house they are prepared in a way, all delicious.

In search of that perfect donut, I think we have a world to find. But this one earns a lot of points, a fried donut, a little bit stiff, and super light. An almost unsurpassed recipe.

In Galicia there is a long tradition of fried donuts, with a denser mass than the one I present today, these Candil donuts are also fried and coated in icing sugar.

With donuts it happens as with most sweets, there are a thousand recipes, I’m sure you will love this type of dough, the taste is similar to the traditional donut but it melts in your mouth.

For this recipe you need a utensil, the lamp or buñolera , which you can find in most specialized stores and hardware stores. It is similar to a ladle but ends in a donut where you place the dough and with a hole to shape the donut.

Encourage you to buy it and you will have some delicious donuts , one of those recipes that you will have to make several times for how good they are. Perfect to accompany with a  hot chocolate to the cup .

Preparation of the cream from Candil’s donuts

  1. We wash the 2 lemons. Grate one of the lemons and peel the other to use the skin to flavor the oil. We reserve. Remember, always without reaching the white part, only superficially.
  2. We heat the 100 ml of oil with a lemon peel. As soon as you try to fry it, turn it off and let it warm. We remove the lemon peel, strain and reserve for the cream.
  3. We beat the eggs with the sugar until they foam, that they are mounted a little. Add the milk, the aroma of anise or dry anise and the zest of the lemon. We beat everything very well until it is integrated.
  4. Add the flavored extra virgin olive oil (it must be warm) and beat again until the oil is mixed.
  5. We combine the baking powder or the chemical yeast with the pastry flour (it is not necessary to sieve). We are adding it little by little to the previous mixture until we get a homogeneous mass. Let it rest in the fridge for half an hour.

Frying and final presentation of Candil’s donuts

  1. After the resting time of the dough, put a pan or casserole on the fire with plenty of sunflower oil. For this type of donuts, sunflower oil is phenomenal since they are very light and do not preserve the flavor of the oil at all.
  2. We move on to the most fun of the recipe, making the donuts. We remove the lemon peels from the sunflower oil.
  3. We put the lamp or buñolera in the hot sunflower oil so that it is taking temperature (only in lamp without cream).
  4. We remove the buñolera from the oil and fill with cream of the donuts halfway. I do it with the help of a ladle and introduce into the pan or casserole. We fry the donuts being very careful not to burn them. Little by little you will see that they take off, follow the step by step of the photos or the video.
  5. We turn around when we see that the donut is golden, carefully with a fork or kitchen tongs.
  6. It is important because after all the work we do not want them to pass us or stay raw inside. The oil that we have in the pan we put it over medium high heat without it getting to smoke.
  7. We fry in batches of no more than 2 donuts, so that the oil does not get too cold. You will see how the donuts are getting a little fat, like the fritters. Don’t be scared.
  8. When they are gilded on both sides. We place them on absorbent kitchen paper to remove excess oil. We let them cool.
  9. Once cold, sprinkle with icing sugar or powdered sugar. I assure you that the result is fantastic, delicious, of course.

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Take advantage of all the variety of Easter desserts  that we have on the blog. If you still do not have it clear, I leave you a step by step in photos of this recipe for donuts . Do not miss any detail.

Tips and recommendations for a fluffy lamp donut

  • As I mentioned, you need a lamp or buñolera . With it it will be very easy to prepare this type of donuts, you only have to fill with dough halfway, as you can see in the photos or in the video. Place the buñolera in the bottom of a frying pan or casserole with plenty of oil and with the temperature the dough will begin to detach from it and rise to the surface.
  • Oil temperature is key, if it is too hot, they can be raw inside, while if it is too cold, the donuts will open and will not have the desired appearance. The oil has to be hot but not too strong. In my induction hob, I fry them to 7, of 9 which is maximum power.
  • Each donut will come from its father and mother, that is, different. It is not bad, they are artisans and we are not facing an industrial recipe. As you can see in the presentation photo, the donuts say eat me. In the photos you can see how the inside of one of them looks, like a donut-shaped wind donut.
  • You can flavor these donuts with orange although it is more common to do it with lemon as in this recipe. Even with the 2 types of citrus, we have also put a few drops of anise here, but we leave the flavorings to use.

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