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Pico de gallo. Mexican recipe

Pico de gallo. Mexican recipe


  • Easy
  • 15 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 190kcal per 100g.

How to make pico de gallo . This recipe with vegetables succeeds worldwide, not only in Mexico. It is the ideal accompaniment to many dishes, not just Mexicans.

One of the famous dishes in Mexico are tacos  and guacamole . Among the elements that accompany and complete it is the so-called pico de gallo . A healthy garnish or accompaniment that will give that fresh touch to our dishes. It is still a very colorful, colorful salad, with vegetables that have the colors of the Mexican flag, red, white and green. And always at home, with its touch or not spicy.

It is known as pico de gallo, mild sauce, raw sauce, chopped sauce, Mexican sauce, flag sauce or fresh sauce. A definitively addictive garnish, crunchy for vegetables and with acid and aromatic touches of lime and coriander. It is usually consumed with corn tortilla chips, muffins and Mexican quesadillas.

This recipe is the one that we can find in almost all restaurants and taquerías, although there are a thousand types of pico de gallo. One per town or city in Mexico, from the pico de gallo salty with jalapeño peppers and avocado or the pico de gallo dulce accompanied by fruit. The Uruapan pico de gallo is also very famous, which includes jicama, watermelon, orange, papaya and cucumber, or the Yucatan pico de gallo with habanero chili and sour orange.

Cheer up, it is very easy and will give your kitchen an unmistakable fresh flavor of Mexican cuisine. Encourage you to prepare it with the tacos al pastor or the tós with prawns , you will succeed.

Preparation of the Mexican pico de gallo

  1. To do this, we peel and chop the tomatoes and cut them into small cubes. If you are in a hurry they can be served with the skin, as long as they are a little hard, so it will not bother at mealtime. We turn into the bowl where we are going to serve the Mexican pico de gallo.
  2. We wash the peppers very well, dry them, cut them into small squares, removing the seeds and the white part from the inside. We pour them into the bowl with the tomatoes.
  3. We wash and cut very finely the fresh coriander. Peel the red onion and cut it into pieces the same size as the tomato and the pepper.
  4. We mix these ingredients in a bowl, salt to taste and water with the juice of the limes. We mix all the ingredients again so that the flavors come together and it will be ready to serve with your favorite tacos.

Final presentation of the pico de gallo. Tips

  1. If you like the spicy touch in the pico de gallo, finely chop a red chili or aji and add it to the sauce. You can also substitute a few drops of Tabasco or Valentina sauce.
  2. As with many sauces once the time passes, the flavors will come together. The lime dressing will take effect, making it much better.
  3. If we want a softer pico de gallo (in the Spanish style) I recommend a splash of extra soft virgin olive oil, always optional.
  4. It is an authentic, fresh and aromatic sauce, with a spicy touch that we give at home that I love. If we are also fast with the knife, it will not take you 10 minutes to prepare it.
  5. It is perfect as a base for other more complete salads or as an accompaniment to white rice, cooked potatoes or with your favorite pasta.

I encourage you to try doing it at home. You can see all the step by step photos of the pico de gallo recipe in this album.

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