Golden. Benefits, properties and recipes

Dorada: benefits, properties and recipes

Baked sea ​​bream and with potatoes , in papillote , stuffed, on the back or in salt are some of the ways to cook this delicious fish , sea ​​bream .

A saltwater white fish that normally lives in deep water banks, between 5 and 30 meters deep.

La dorada we love not only for how easy it is to cook and how tasty it is, but for the benefits it has for our health .

A fish with many properties and a more than seductive flavor. One of the most popular species on our blog, as searches confirm it. Let’s find out a little more about her. To the mess!

Curiosities about gilthead bream

Where you see it, the gilthead has sharp teeth capable of crushing oysters, clams and cockles with ease, that’s why later it tastes so good! It is a coastal species and is also very sensitive to cold temperatures.

With a silver body, a bluish-green back and a wide tail and thick lips, we know it by the name of gilt because of the golden stripe between its eyes.

The golden ones are males from birth to the first two years, after this they become mature females although some, they say, always act as males.

In addition to age, weight also plays a role in the gilthead bream, since from 600 grams it usually changes from males to females.

Due to its aversion to cold temperatures, sea bream lives in Mediterranean countries and legends tell that we already took it in Roman times. Spain has become a benchmark in the La Dorada sector, where thanks to the Crianza de Nuestro Mares seal, they guarantee that what you buy from your trusted fishmonger.

How to choose well . Fresh sea bream

We will know that the gilthead is very fresh and therefore is suitable for consumption due to the firmness of its meat to the touch.

Although you can also see it with the naked eye. Their gills must be of a deep red color and the eyes bright, neither with spots nor whitish or yellowish.

Once at home, if you are going to consume it during the day, you can store it in the fridge , in the coldest and cleanest part.

If you are going to consume it after the first 24 hours, it is better to freeze it. Frozen the sea bream can last in full conditions up to 5 months.


As I said before, the gilthead is rich but above all healthy. It is a white fish (semi-fat) unlike blue fish, its caloric intake is moderate (although it also depends on how you cook it, of course).

It provides a normal protein content and a high source of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium.

Among its vitamins are especially vitamins A, vitamin B3 whose content is intermediate in relation to other fish and a high dose of B12, almost the equivalent of meat and eggs.

It is an appropriate fish for low calorie diets, for food in times of growth and intellectual effort , and due to its omega 3 content, it favors diets that require prevention of cardiovascular disorders.

Gilthead consumption all year

We are talking about an intensive and respectful cultivation with nature so that we can consume gilthead bream at any time of the year.

We will achieve this with aquaculture, a form of sustainable consumption of this fish. More efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Aquaculture helps us to follow the bream from its birth to its sale. The sanitary control is greater and it also makes it possible to have gilthead bream throughout the year beyond its fishing season.

In addition to getting a price suitable for all budgets, eating bream at home has never been so easy.


It is a very helpful and grateful fish that you will always or almost always find fresh in the fishmonger or in the market, there are a thousand ways to prepare it and its cooking time is low, so if you still did not know what to prepare today to eat, jump for a golden one.

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