Recipes we owe to literature

Books and cooking leave us with surprises like the ones you can read below.

Gastronomy is also very present in literature, and no, I don’t mean just cookbooks or recipes, but star dishes that went from being told in stories to being part of our history!

In case there is still one that you do not know, I am going to tell you what are the best literary recipes and how to prepare them so that you have a book.


Isabel Allende tells us about this exquisite recipe in Aphrodite . It is a soup made from mushrooms by women seeking to reconcile with their men.

The truth is that I do not know if it would work, but it must be recognized that the combination of soup and mushrooms is always a success. We will have to try.


They may sound familiar to you from the Jon Avnet movie or the Fannie Flag novel, but if you haven’t prepared them at home yet , you’re taking a while!

The trick is that the tomatoes, while still green, have a hard consistency ideal for frying and their acidic flavor contrasts with frying .

You must first pass the tomatoes through beaten egg and buttermilk. Then you batter them in corn flour (to give it a yellowish tone), salt and pepper, and voila!

You can serve them as appetizers or garnish as recommended in the book.


What in some Spanish communities is known as a ‘ bomb ‘. It is basically a rice ball filled with minced meat . A giant croquette in which the bechamel is replaced by the rice. More or less.

They became famous for being the favorite dish of Montalbano, the star curator of the novels by Andrea Camilleri that he recently left us. I encourage you to try cooking them at home. They are TREMENDOUS.


You don’t have to be Dulcinea to cook like in Don Quixote. Quijano was a fancy, but at lunchtime it was clear to him. Between adventure and adventure he needed a hearty plate to spend the day.

Duelos y quebrantos is a dish that is part of the gastronomy of La Mancha in which chorizo, pork bacon and other types of meat mixed with eggs are interspersed in a pan and, of course, served in a clay pot.

I’m already looking forward to winter to get me into trouble and sink my teeth into it.

RABBIT STEW “The Lord of the Rings”

Whether you are a fan of this trilogy or if you have not seen any, I will tell you that JRR Tolkien is passionate about giving details about their customs , that’s why in Las dos Torres he tells us about his race’s passion for food in a very way explicit.

Taking a little water, salt, carrots, turnips, aromatic herbs and a couple of good rabbits is how Sam sets himself a stew so that Frodo does not decline and maintain his forces towards the Mount of Destiny.


And to finish a dessert, right? In Laura Esquivel’s Como agua para chocolate , they prepare some French toast that the slime falls out just by reading it. The recipe is very similar to that of our Easter French toast.

I do not know if after this entry, in addition to whetting your appetite, you will have more desire to read. If so, welcome, remember that reading is feeding the soul.

We would be worse than we are without the good books we read, more conformist, less unsubmissive and the critical spirit, the engine of progress, would not even exist .” Mario Vargas Llosa

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