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Galician scallops on cream of carrots

Galician scallops on cream of carrots


  • Very easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • € 4.5 / person
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Today’s recipe is easy, without complications, it can even be prepared during the week and thus not complicate on the star day: Christmas Eve, Christmas, dinner with friends, New Year’s Eve … the end point of the recipe will only take you 5 minutes, heat and ready to eat. The ingredients as always, of quality, mixing the best of seasonal food with the seafood so typical in these dates.

There is no better way to start the Christmas meal than with a bowl of carrot and pumpkin cream very warm, and that touch of the sea of ​​the scallops, although you can replace them with pieces of monkfish or some mussels, they will all be yummy. I hope you like it and that it is a star dish at these parties.

Preparation of the cream of carrots and pumpkin

  1. Peel the leek and cut into two. Chop one of the parts and add to a saucepan with two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil. Brown over low heat for 5 minutes.
  2. Meanwhile we wash, peel and chop the pumpkin, carrots and potatoes. Add everything to the same casserole with the leek and sprinkle with the bicarbonate. We remove everything well and fry for 10 minutes over medium heat. We add the seafood broth (which can be brick if you don’t have time to do it) and cook until everything is soft.
  3. Season with salt and pepper and get a creamy texture, and we have it ready to serve very hot. The texture must be cream, if we are a little fat we can add a little whole milk.

Preparation of scallops, fried and plated leek

  1. While the cream is being made, we chop the leek that we had reserved in fine julienne and fry in a frying pan with abundant aove over low heat. As soon as it catches a golden color, remove from the pan to a plate with absorbent paper. We reserve.
  2. We clean the scallops, dry very well to remove excess moisture after thawing. We mark the scallops in a frying pan with a little bit of egg, half a minute on each side. I personally like that they are raw inside, if you do them a lot we run the risk that they will be very dry.
  3. We choose a nice deep dish, add a generous tablespoon of very hot cream and place in the middle, two of the scallops with a little fried leek on top. Sprinkle with a pinch of Maldon salt. I assure you that it is a luxury dish, very simple and easy to cook. A ten point recipe to be like a king at Christmas and not spend the day in the kitchen.

Tips and recommendations

  • To open the scallops we place the shell on a kitchen cloth to fix it and that it does not slip, we pass a small knife on the side of the scallop and we scrape against the shell to remove the meat, so it will not break.
  • You can have the cream prepared the day before and heat it just when the guests come for lunch or dinner. The crispy leek and scallops take no more than 5 minutes, so you can use the time in other recipes.

Be sure to enjoy all the recipes for fish and seafood that we have on the blog, I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas to make yours much happier.

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