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Galician pie Sea and mountain.

Galician pie Sea and mountain.


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  • 90 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 2.3 € / person
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Galician sea and mountain empanada recipe , combining the best of the Galician estuaries with the pork shoulder and bacon from the interior of Ourense, an exaltation of slaughter. The promise is debt and as I said to the friends of the last course of ApetitOH empanadas , I publish step by step how to make this empanada… it was delicious, huh? Incidentally, as we were all very handsome, I have chosen a photo that shows the good atmosphere of the course so that the plump people are encouraged to come to the next workshop that we will do next month.

This is a fusion recipe between Galician and Catalan cuisine since the idea of ​​mixing sea and land ingredients (meat and fish, sea and muntanya) comes from this region. You already know that Galicia is famous for its ingredients, we have a select offer in fish and seafood, splendid meats and vegetables. I could also call it Empanada from the garden, sea and mountains because the onions and tomatoes were from my father’s garden. I encourage you to make this “Mar i muntanya” become a Galician Sea and Mountain in which you do not just stay in the seafood but also mix those peixes that you like the most with chicken, pork or beef. With what you have on hand the pie will come out yummy, of course.

Preparation of the companion sea & mountain

The fundamental thing for this recipe to be a success is the quality of the ingredients, on the one hand the bread dough and on the other that the filling or compango uses the best of both the Galician estuary (mussels, scallops and scallops) and of the mountain or interior, well-cured slaughter of the pig (crumbled pork shoulder and strips of bacon) with the cold of the Trives area in Ourense.

  1. For the compango base we will need a lot of onion. Put the extra virgin olive oil in a saucepan and when it is hot, add the 3 onions in a thin julienne, that is, in finite strips. We spend about 10 minutes over medium heat until they are transparent and poached. We remove from the casserole to a source and we already have the first layer of the pie. We remove the excess oil from poaching the onion to a glass, as we will use it for the dough. We reserve the onion in a platter or dish.
  2. Peel three garlic cloves and finely laminate them, add them with a little virgin olive oil to the same pan and brown for 2 minutes over medium heat. We open the jar of peeled tomato and drain very well, we don’t need any water that the tomato pot brings only the peeled tomato. We introduce it with the garlic and poach until it is chopped, about 5 minutes over high heat.
  3. We rectify with salt.
  4. We add the bacon in strips or other meat that you like, the chicken is also very good. We join with the seafood and stir everything together flavors. We had previously cooked the mussels, if you want to know how to steam them, go through the mussel pie recipe . The scallops and scallops were thawed and with a minute to sauté with the rest of the ingredients is enough. Finally we sprinkle with the crumbled or chopped shoulder.
  5. We let the filling cool to be able to add to the dough. On the one hand we have the onion on a plate and on the other hand the whole compango or filling Mar y Montaña. It is important to remove the excess oil so that the filling is juicy and at the same time to use it in the preparation of the dough, as I explain later.

Preparation of the Galician empanada dough

We already have the compango or roast cooling, the excess oil in the glass and now we can already prepare the dough.

  1. In a large bowl we introduce part of the strength flour. We leave about 4 tablespoons to fatten the dough.
  2. In the center of the bowl, with a spoon we make a hole, and introduce the pressed baker’s yeast or 15 g of an envelope of baker’s yeast dissolved in warm water.
  3. Beat with a wooden spoon from the center outwards and gradually mix with the flour.
  4. Add the oil from the sauce of the filling and the salt. We continue removing what begins to be the dough. For now it will be a sticky but firm mix.
  5. We prepare the area where we are going to knead, for example the kitchen counter is perfect. We fill the area of ​​the counter with flour, remove the dough from the bowl and begin to work the dough with your hands.
  6. Little by little we can manipulate the dough more quickly, it will remain elastic and homogeneous. This process takes about 10 minutes.
  7. We are turning the dough into a ball. We take the previous bowl and flour it. We introduce the dumpling into it.
  8. We cover the bowl with a cotton cloth for an hour and wait for it to double in size. And that’s it, there we have the dough to start preparing the Mar & Montaña empanada or the one that we like the most.

Preparation of the sea & mountain pie

  1. We divide the empanada dough into two similar parts. We knead the two balls again to be able to work well with them.
  2. We flour the kitchen counter and roll out the dough with the rolling pin. We make the base that will be the size of the baking tray. We will stretch it as thin as possible with the help of the roller, if you do not have a roller you can use a bottle that is clean. We put on the tray a piece of paper for baking or waxed and on top the base cutting the excess if needed.
  3. First add a layer of onion and on top we will put the seafood and meat filling all over the base of the empanada without leaving a hole. It is very important that the filling is cold so that the dough holds up well.
  4. We cover with the other half well stretched and seal it by the edges, braiding the lower part over the upper one with the help of a fork or with the help of the fingers, from right to left and then pressing, as you see in the photo to Irene , with a lot of art.
  5. We make a small hole in the center for the empanada to breathe and with a fork we puncture through different areas, so it will not swell. We decorate with strips or cords of the excess pasta.
  6. We paint the empanada with extra virgin olive oil with the help of a kitchen brush.
  7. We preheat the oven at 180ºC for 5 minutes and then put the empanada at the same temperature, first in the bottom of the oven (about 20 minutes) and then another 15-20 minutes in the center. When it is golden brown, we remove it.

And finally the empanada! Be careful when removing it from the tray because it will still be hot and it is easy to break, cut it with a good pair of scissors when it is warm. I can assure you that not even a few miserable faragullas (crumbs) Bon appetit!

Be sure to enjoy all the recipes for fish and seafood that we have on the blog, I assure you that you will find a lot of ideas to make yours much happier.

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