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Lentils with chard

Lentils with chard


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 4 people
  • 1.3 € / person
  • 220kcal per 100g.

How to make lentils with chard

Preparing lentils at home is always a resource. It is a legume that allows us to have tasty tapers to take to work, comforting winter spoon dishes or rich summer salads full of flavor and energy.

So you will see the blog full of recipes with lentils. Lentil salads , the traditional lentils with chorizo or the lentils with pork rib , of course, the no less rich vegetable lentils . Even with an exotic touch with this Hindu Lentil Dahl .

All of them are dishes that are always present at home on the weekly menu.

Among the lightest options to prepare this legume , we have a recipe full of flavor, lentils with chard .

In my opinion, chard is a perfect companion for this legume, it provides flavor and texture without adding fat or calories. The combination allows us to enjoy a good vegetable dish, a hot spoon and stew dish, without it carrying a heavy or greased portion.

In other words, a perfect dish for lovers of spoon dishes to enjoy, both in summer and winter.

We will get a round, tasty and light dish, perfect for children and adults who like to enjoy a healthy dish with legumes .

Before cooking lentils

  1. One of the important steps is the choice of lentils. I use the most common: the extra brown lentil, found in any market or supermarket.
  2. The best thing about this class of lentils is that they do not need soaking prior to cooking. Although I usually do it to save cooking time.
  3. We put the lentils in a bowl with cold water and leave them to soak overnight, normally 12 hours. It is not necessary to add salt at the time of soaking.
  4. If for any reason you don’t have time you can do it directly. As long as they are brownish and do not forget to wash them to remove impurities. Just remember to cook them for 1/2 more hour.
  5. The day after putting them to soak we remove the lentils that are floating in the water.
  6. They are usually not suitable for preparing the stew. Drain them and set aside until ready.

Preparation of lentils with chard

  1. In the express pot we add the lentils, the leek, the carrots, the garlic cloves and the tomato.
  2. We cover with water, salt and close the pot. We cook the lentils for 12 or 13 minutes from the moment the valve of the express pot starts working.
  3. After this time we open the pot and remove the vegetables which, having added them whole, will not cause any problems.
  4. Crush the vegetables with the mixer and add them to the pot with the lentils again.
  5. We wash and chop the chard and add it to the pot.
  6. We cook with the pot covered, but without pressure, for 10 or 15 minutes. We check the salt point and serve.

With very little work we will have a plate of spoon vegetables, light, healthy and very nutritious.

It is a recipe that children and adults will love. 

You can see all the photos of this recipe for lentils with chard  in this step by step.

Tips for some lentils with yummy chard

  • In today’s recipe we have put ourselves in practical mode and we have used the express pot for the preparation of the dish.
  • With this type of casseroles we reduce the cooking time and the work of having to be aware of the pot.
  • It is about making an initial sofrito of vegetables to which we will add the lentils for cooking.
  • We will finish the process when we add a good portion of chard to the lentils, almost at their point.

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