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Chocolate brownie with orange

Chocolate brownie with orange


  • Easy
  • 55 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.5 € / person
  • 330kcal per 100g.

How to make some chocolate brownies with orange . Today I bring you one of those  chocolate dessert recipes that always triumph, chocolate brownies are liked by everyone, what if ?.

You should try this recipe with chocolate with the little ones at home. In addition to being very good, it is a very simple dessert, one to beat and baked. So children can collaborate at home with their own birthday cake, a classic that they never tire of asking me year after year.

Chocolate and orange are an ideal combination for any sweet. They are also easy ingredients to get that there can be no excuse to say no to this brownie. The intense orange flavor and with that particular contrast of chocolate, is a guaranteed success, they marry perfectly.

I recommend you use quality oranges and if there are no children nearby to have a snack, a good splash of orange liqueur that will add strength and intensity to the cake. If you like this citrus very much, you already know how to add more orange and less sugar.

I love the taste of the traditional and that smell that stays in the house after baking a good cake. When it’s chocolate, my endorphins soar. The simple aroma of chocolate makes me happy, and with this orange cake , much more.

The truth is that the original recipe that my sister Nuria gave me was filled with a layer of bitter orange marmalade, but I think the flavor contrast is very adult. Do you want some quick happiness in your life? Put some chocolate in your kitchen and if it is in this brownie better than better. It will conquer you!

Preparation of the brownie base

  1. The first thing is to prepare the container where we are going to cook them. I have used a 30 x 20cm glass tray and baking paper.
  2. The size of the tray gives 9 quite generous orange chocolate brownies, but it all depends on how thick we want it to be, if you want them smaller, use a larger tray.
  3. We line the tray and spread it with butter. Sprinkle the baking paper with cocoa powder. It is a very similar trick to adding a little flour to traditional biscuits. Here we get the same effect but with cocoa.
  4. With this trick we solve the problem of not sticking to the mold and on top we give more flavor to this brownie chocolate.
  5. We wash the oranges and grate them. We make juice with one of them, if you want more flavor, add the juice of the 2, it will be just as good. We reserve the zest and the juice.

Preparation of chocolate brownie cream with orange

  1. We put in a saucepan the chocolate broken into pieces or even grated, the butter and the juice of the orange.
  2. We put on the fire at low temperature and stir while the chocolate melts. This reduces the juice with a wooden spoon or rods.
  3. We let the flavors mix very well, it should be a mixture similar to chocolate cream .
  4. In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar until a frothy cream remains.
  5. Add the cocoa powder (reserve 1 tablespoon and a half to sprinkle the nuts and decorate at the end of the preparation).
  6. We combine everything very well with a mixer until everything is integrated and without lumps.
  7. Pour the chocolate cream in the previous bowl, the liquid cream and the orange zest, mix well with the rods. If the dessert is for adults you can add a good splash of orange liqueur or Cointreau, it will give more power to the dessert.
  8. We sift the flour with a strainer. Mix well until you get a homogeneous cream paste.
  9. We break the walnuts into pieces, make sure that they do not have any shell or undesirable remains. We do not want anyone to be left without teeth.
  10. We pass the nuts for a little chocolate powder. We introduce them in the cream and with a fork we cover them well with the chocolate.

Baking and final presentation of brownies with chocolate and orange

  1. We pour the chocolate cream on the glass tray. I advise you to do it with a silicone spatula to take advantage of all the cream and that there is nothing left in the bowl.
  2. Bake the brownie in the oven preheated to 180º C in the intermediate part for 45-50 minutes. As I mentioned in some other recipe, it all depends on the oven, always look with a fork that when pricked comes out dry.
  3. When it has been in the oven for 20 minutes, cover it with a little aluminum foil. This way we will ensure that the surface does not burn and that the crust is perfect and crisp.
  4. In my oven the preparation time is exactly 45 minutes but in my mother’s with 40 it arrives.
  5. You should not go over time because you will get some dry brownies that then break easily and there is no one to eat them. Take a good look at how the brownie should look in the presentation photo.
  6. We let it cool on the tray and when it is cold we cut it into several portions. We separate them from the oven paper and present on a plate with a little vanilla or chocolate ice cream , or with cocoa powder on top, more chocolate without a doubt.

I assure you that it is a fantastic brownie that will give about 8-10 people, depending on the sweet tooth you are. If you follow the instructions of this recipe for chocolate brownie with orange step by step you will have a perfect result, as you see in the presentation photo.

You can see all the step-by-step photos of the orange chocolate brownie recipe   in this album. Do not miss any detail and it will be perfect.

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