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Cheesecake with Violet Topping

Cheesecake with Violet Topping


  • Easy
  • 30 minutes
  • For 8 people
  • 0.7 € / person

How to make a cheesecake and purple caramels . This is a very special cheese dessert recipe . “Special” because it reminds me of childhood, when trying this cake, a lot of memories come to mind of when I bought a sweet or chuche of my favorites … In particular, it reminds me faithfully of the violet candies  ! The cake was delicious, and it totally tasted like candy!

A simple dessert perfect for this weekend, a recipe full of color, delicious and with a very consistent texture, so it goes a long way. It is the typical dessert that once made at home, we know it will be repeated more times. I leave you with this mousse with such an original, delicate and surprising flavor. Enjoy it yummy friends!

Preparation of the mousse or cheesecake with violets

Preparation of the biscuit base

  1. Melt the butter (use the microwave, it is faster, on low temperature about 2 minutes). With the mincer we crush the cookies (in previous comments we recommend Chiquilin, Campurrianas or Digestive cookies, each one that you like the most). If you do not have a grinder, we put the cookies in a kitchen towel and wrap them and then crush them with a spoon or something heavy, it will not be so fine but it serves the same. Add the melted butter on top. The dough will be hot and will be very manageable.
  2. Add the tablespoon of vanilla essence.
  3. We take the cookie mixture and distribute it on the base of a large removable mold, about 24 cm in diameter. Press against the bottom and on the sides with the help of a spoon or with your fingers and put in the oven for about 5 minutes at about 180º to harden and evaporate the excess liquid a little.
  4. We remove the mold and let cool in the fridge to fill with the cream cheese. Elsa’s advice: “Next time try to put less cookies and add dried fruit well passed through the mortar (pecans, macadamia nuts, hazelnuts,…). I think you will not regret it !! ”

Preparation of cream cheese with caramels of violets

  1. We heat the milk in a saucepan and at medium temperature without boiling it.
  2. The most complicated dessert step is the gelatin treatment, so be careful. We soak 5 gelatin sheets in cold water and stir for 4 minutes, remove them from the water and drain them. Add the drained gelatin to the hot milk and dilute. We introduce 250 g of cream cheese Philadelphia in the milk and we combine everything very well. We beat lightly if necessary so that it is homogeneous and without any lump. We remove from the fire and reserve.
  3. We crush the caramels in the glass of the mixer or mincer and reduce to powder as best as possible. We keep them in a container and reserve.
  4. We assemble the cream, the most important thing for this process is that it is very cold. The cream, the 50 g of cream cheese and the container must be fresh from the fridge. We beat the cream with the electric or manual rods and when we see that it begins to assemble we gradually add half of the ground caramels. I assure you that with the trick of the cold it comes out perfect.
  5. We mix the whipped cream with the cheese and gelatin mixture but in a smooth way. We better use a wooden or silicone spatula so that it does not come down.
  6. We take the container with the cookie base out of the fridge and add the cheese and violets mousse. We return to the refrigerator for 3-4 hours until it sets.

Preparation and assembly of the violet cover

  1. We heat the water in a saucepan and add half of the violet caramel powder (be careful because it tends to become globs and it is necessary to stir a lot). Let it boil for a couple of minutes and in the meantime we soak the other three gelatin sheets.
  2. We dilute the drained leaves in the blue “juice” and stir until a syrup is formed. Let cool a little before pouring it on the mousse because it is almost caramel and saves a lot of heat, if we put it hot on the mousse the surface will melt and we can load the dessert.
  3. Add the topping over the already cold cheese mousse and pour the syrup evenly (as it is semi-liquid it is quite easy). And again in the fridge for a few hours, it must be very cold for tasting

We can decorate it in a thousand ways, I have chosen to put other candies that I had at home that are colored but as I always tell you: Imagination to power! Do not you fancy a little piece?

Tips and recommendations:

What is edible leaf gelatin?

  • Jelly leaves, also known as fishtail, are transparent, plastic-looking leaves. They are one of the most widely used forms of gelatin in cooking, both in the preparation of desserts and salty dishes. They are hydrated in cold water before incorporating them into a hot recipe in this way, they dissolve completely since otherwise, lumps would form and the result would be cloudy.
  • Its price is between € 1.25 and € 2. You will find it on any large surface or Mercadona, Eroski or Gadis type supermarket. The package comes with 6 gelatin sheets that give half a liter of liquid. Depending on the consistency you want to give, you should add two more leaves, for example to make a semi-cold dish. The gelatin melts at 37º so it will be enough to mix it well so that it dissolves and incorporates the preparation, but it should never come to a boil as it would lose the gelling power.
  • It usually lasts for 3 years so do not hesitate to buy gelatin and always have it at hand at home in case you want to make this dessert or any other.

What are violet candies and where to buy them?

  • The traditional purple caramels are typical lilac-shaped sweets in the shape of a flower. They are sold in a glass jar or plastic box with an approximate price between € 1.8 and € 4.29
  • In Madrid you can find these candies in the “La Violeta” store in Plaza de Canalejas. Violet caramels are a very typical product of the capital but they are also found in other places in Spain. In Zaragoza you can find them in Calle Coso 48, in Barcelona you have them in the Boquería Market in bulk, in Valencia in the Central Market and for Sevillian lands they sell them in the Filella Confectionery on Avenida de la Constitución. Many places are missing so you can fill in addresses of each city in the comments and so we have located the stores where you can buy these delicious candies. Thank you all.
  • Luis tells me in an email that the problem with these candies is that they are very very expensive, but that he has found a place where they sell them, that is, 2 kilos, but at a price of 9 euros (more cent, less cent). They are sold at the Medina3 candy store on Calle Aguacate 42 in Madrid, in the Carabanchel neighborhood (they close at 8:30 and their phone number is +34 915 08 38 47). The “problem” is that I have candy left to make another 4 cakes that I think is a problem … haha
  • Jorge Ibarra tells me that he has bought them online (thanks Jorge) at La Violeta Online Store, it is a great option for those cities where you cannot find this type of candy.

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