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Fettuccine or Fettuccine Alfredo. Pasta with mushrooms and ham

For 4 € 1.6 /pers. 289 kcal/100g Ingredients 400 g Garofalo fettuccine pasta For the Alfredo sauce: 400 ml of liquid cream 80g butter 160 g Grana Padano mature Italian cheese Fresh parsley 200g. fresh mushrooms (Portobello mushrooms are fantastic) 100g. Serrano ham (Italian ham or prosciutto is also fine) 1 Pepperoncino, chili or cayenne …

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Trenette pasta with pesto

For 4 € 2.7 /pers. 305 kcal/100g Ingredients 320g. by Linguine Garofalo 4 l. of water to cook the pasta, potatoes and beans 2 level tablespoons of salt for cooking 2 medium potatoes 200g. green beans For the Genoese pesto: 30g. basil 30g. Parmesan cheese 30g. extra virgin olive oil 5g. of salt 15g. of …