Bass. Properties, benefits and recipes

Bass. Properties and benefits

Did you know that sea bass has as many proteins as meat, but with plenty of health benefits? This is what the experts say.

This white fish, with a very low caloric intake, is very rich in B vitamins , which are very, very beneficial for our nervous system.

Keep reading that I tell you more things.

Why is sea bass so beneficial?

Sea bass is very nutritious. It has many essential nutrients for our body. In addition, it is a white and semi-fatty fish from salty water, like the golden one. It only has between 3% and 5% fat !

It is also a fish that has a quantity and quality of proteins very similar to that of meat. But with a great advantage. Fish protein has far fewer calories, making it an ideal food in any weight management diet.

To give you an idea, 100 grams of sea bass equals 98 kcal and 19 grams of protein are of biological value thanks to amino acids . In addition to this, the protein of fish is always more digestive than that of meat.

Among the amino acids in sea bass is lysine , which is basic for child growth, and tryptophan, which is great for blood synthesis and mood regulation.

In addition, its fatty acids help prevent and control cardiovascular diseases and recent studies show that they are useful in inflammatory and coagulation diseases as well as in degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

As I mentioned at the beginning, sea bass provides us with a high content of type B vitamins ( B1, B2, B3 and B12 ). These vitamins are responsible for taking advantage of energy nutrients (hydrates, fats and proteins) and are involved in numerous processes such as the formation of sex hormones and the functioning of the nervous system.

And like sea bream, sea bass contains phosphorous, magnesium and calcium.

What is sea bass like and how do I know if it is fresh?

The best time to buy wild sea bass is in the cold months (November or December), although the reality is that we can enjoy it at any time of the year thanks to aquaculture.

It is characterized by its pointy head, small eyes and large mouth. Its lower jaw is somewhat prominent, its nostrils small, and it has a slightly forked tail fin. Its leaden gray color is darker on the back and silver on the sides.

But how do you know if it is fresh? Look closely at the white and silver color of her belly. The more intense the fresher the sea bass will be.

Store it in the fridge when you get home and if you are not going to consume it on the same day, freeze it to prevent it from spoiling or losing its properties.

Aquaculture sea bass

In almost all Mediterranean countries grows sea bass in aquaculture . Eggs are produced in breeding centers from breeding individuals under highly controlled conditions. Each female gets to lay 250,000 eggs of 1 mm diameter per kilo of weight. During their first month of life in culture, the larvae feed on living organisms: rotifers and brine shrimp.

Then they start a diet based on feed made with mainly marine natural ingredients. The breeding facility varies with age: from earthen ponds to floating nurseries in the open sea.

Each seabass takes between 20 and 24 months to reach 400 g. since it hatches from the egg. The commercial size ranges from 250 g. up to more than 1,500 g.

How do I cook it? Our best recipes

One of the most common ways of cooking sea ​​bass is baked , but I have some interesting recipes (and never better said) so that you can enjoy its succulent flavor.

For example you can make a sea ​​bass on your back , which is very healthy, fast and simple, or a sea bass with peas.

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